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Guest Blog: Writing from Home


Today's guest post is from author Shana Ritter. I'm honored to have her visit me here on gilagreenwrites. Today Shana shares her thoughts on writing during Covid-19. I'm sure so many of us can relate to her words.  Welcome, Shana Ritter! One window in my study faces south towards a wide stretch of yard disappearing into trees, the other looks ...

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Author Interview: Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan


The February 2020  Vancouver Jewish Book Festival seems like it took place in another world. In a way, it did. Still, I flew from Israel to Germany to Vancouver and then back to Tel Aviv via Toronto as hard as that is to imagine today. On the way I met so many creatives, authors, and many readers at a variety of book talks.  I d...

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WATCH: Why I wrote No Entry for the Bad Mouth Reading Series


I had a great time participating in the author Bad Mouth Reading Series. Thanks so much for inviting me to participate.  In this video I talk about why I wrote a South African-based novel, why I wrote No Entry, why it's important to write about elephant extinction for the young adult market and, of course, I read from the enviro...

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Guest Post: 4 Publishing Tips for Authors in the Time of COVID-19


 Guest post from Desiree Villena The first half of 2020 has wrought havoc on all our lives, writers and non-writers alike — but for professional authors in particular, the chaos and uncertainty of the past few months have been incredibly daunting. Book launches have been delayed, releases that forged ahead have gone unnoticed, and for some aut...

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My Covid-19 interview in Quail Bell Magazine


Thank you so much to Melissa Schack for interviewing me in the recent edition of Quail Bell Magazine.   MS: How have the Australian wildfires affected your work? GG: First, thanks so much for having me on your forum. I am delighted to have the opportunity and appreciate your time. The Australian fires burned my publisher to the groun...

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WATCH: YouTube Diversity in YA Fiction (all genres)


I had a great time on Friday moderating a panel livestreamed from the UK's YA Thriller Conference. The topic was Diversity in YA Fiction. Shout-out to author Madeline Dyer for putting it all together and to my YA colleagues, authors: Fran Dorricott (UK), Nia Davenport (USA), and Isvari Mohan (USA).  What did we discuss? -What is 'diversity'? W...

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Need a Book Review? Want to read free books?


A common complaint of writers is a lack of reviews. But help is out there. If you're an author looking for a book review, I recommend a program created by author Sandra Lopez.  On the flip-side, who ever has enough books to read? For book lovers, who cannot seem to get enough, read on to find out how you can read books at no cost and...

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Elephants are also Covid-19 victims & three things I learned from writing my first sequel No Fly Zone


 When I wrote my YA eco-fiction novel No Entry, I had one goal in mind: to highlight the dangers of elephant poaching and extinction for a young adult audience. I also wanted to connect the people who commit these heinous acts toward elephants with other international crimes: human trafficking, the illegal weapons trade and so on. I ...

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Check out my lineup of visiting authors on gilagreenwrites


There are so many talented authors on the way including children's authors, poets, fiction and nonfiction creatives. Don't miss an author interview or blog post. Meryl Ain, author of the Takeaway Men, SparkPress.   Rajani LaRocca, author of the forthcoming novels Red, White, and Whole (Quill Tree/HarperCollins, 2021) and Much Ado Abo...

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Registration is open for my August AutoFiction Class


AUTOFICTION WORKSHOP: Exploring Hybrid Writing  START DATE: Sunday, August 16, 2020 END DATE: Sunday,  September 13, 2020 DURATION: 6 weeks LOCATION: Zoom and email for assignments FEEDBACK: Instructor feedback and critique COURSE DESCRIPTION: What is autofiction? It's not memoir, fiction or personal essay, but might have elements of...

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YA Thriller Con July 10-11 2020


 I'm so excited to be part of this YA Thriller conference next week with 24 other YA writers from all over the world.  All video events will be broadcast live to YouTube.  From the newly launched site:  "About YA Thriller ConYA Thriller Con Online is a two-day event, running from July 10th to July 11th 2020, to celebrate and tal...

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REPOST: Can a pandemic ruin your publishing contract?


by Jodé Millman I try to keep up on publishing contract news even though I've reviewed eight contracts at length (no, I didn't sign them all and you probably shouldn't either). But all of my reviewing happened before Covid-19. It's important that writers focus on the business end of writing, not just on craft. Originally in this month's column, I h...

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Doikayt: A Jewish TTRPG Anthology (Preorder)


I want to tell you about this new Jewish tabletop roleplaying  (TTRPG) anthology that I was recently honored to join. My essay is part of the forward and was written to expand the work to include more Sephardi (in my case, Yemenite) voices. I was able to draw on both my Ashkenazi and Yemenite experience and I'm delighted to integrate my w...

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Author interview: Lea Kirshenberg


 Today on gilagreenwrites, I'm delighted to welcome children's author Dr. Lea Kirshenberg. It's always a pleasure to meet writers and I hope these interviews inspire you and expand your definition of genres, languages, and other possibilities. For this author expanding her possibilities doesn't only mean considering another age group or g...

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Book Club Discussion Questions for King of the Class


Why do you think this book is set in the future? What was the author trying to achieve by doing so? Do you think there are good and bad characters in this book? If so, is Eve good or bad? What about her husband Manny? Do you think Eve has a good relationship with her sister? What was your opinion of their relationship once Eve's son is kidnapped? S...

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Book Club Discussion Questions for Passport Control


Book Club Discussion Questions for Passport Control  1. Why do you think the title of this book is Passport Control? Would you have chosen a different title? One publisher suggested the title of No Way Home. Do you think that title is preferable? 2. Would you say Passport Control is historical fiction? A coming of age story? An adventure story...

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Book Club Discussion Questions for White Zion


Book Club Discussion Questions for White Zion 1. Why do you think the author chose the title White Zion? What does it signify to you? Would you have chosen a different title? 2. Who is the hero/heroine of this novel-in-stories? What makes a hero or heroine? 3. Do you think the author chose the right format for this work? In other words, do you thin...

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Book Club Discussion Questions for No Entry


Book Club Guide for No Entry 1.What is the significance of the title No Entry? Would you have given the book a different title? If yes, what is your title? 2.Yael Amar finds herself in extraordinary circumstances in No Entry once she realizes the identity of the poachers. Do you empathize with her? Are any of her circumstances familiar to you? 3.Ho...

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Please join me in celebration of 15 years of Cervena Barva Press


 I'm honored to take part in a birthday! Happy 15th birthday to Cervena Barva Press. To celebrate I'll be reading from my novel-in-stories White Zion and I won't be alone. My friend and colleague, poet and playwright Atar Hadari will be joining me from the UK. He'll be reading from his translation of Hanoch Levin's work. A treat! When? July 5&...

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Repost from Quill & Quire: Indigo closes 20 Coles small-format stores amid “seismic” losses


Authors will have to be very creative in future about book sales.  By: Sue Carter June 22nd, 2020  Just days before Indigo Books & Music releases its fourth-quarter financial results, CEO Heather Reisman told Bloomberg News in an interview that "the depths of the losses we are looking at are literally as seismic as this COVID event is...

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Why I Write

Writing is a journey

Thank you so much to Christi Craig who hosted me on her Sunday Series. From her site: In this Sunday Series, you'll meet writers new and seasoned as they share what inspires them to put #PenToPaper. I have never attended a Canadian creative writing program, so I cannot say with certainty that my distance from Ottawa, my hometown, allows me to ...

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WATCH: Authors Madeline Dyer and Gila Green in Conversation: the Importance of Global Issues in YA Lit


Registration is open for my Prepare to Publish Zoom course


 Email me for details!

Welcome to the June Jewish Book Carnival

Jewish Book Carnival

 I'm so pleased to host this month's Jewish Book Carnival. I find this graphic of Jewish book covers an ideal visual to accompany this must-review list of Jewish author interviews and news. Thank you Jewish Book World for putting it together! The Jewish Book Carnival is a monthly event where bloggers who blog about Jew...

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Author Interview: Tommy Schnurmacher


One of the nicest things about participating in the Vancouver Jewish Book Festival (February 2020) was meeting other authors. One of the  authors I enjoyed meeting was Tommy Schnurmacher, a fellow Canadian and multi-talented author. Please welcome Tommy to gilagreenwrites! Tommy, thanks so much for joining me.  BIOTommy Schnurmacher is a ...

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Writing Lies and Other Truths: AutoFiction


By Gila Green We live in a publishing world that not only craves categories; it demands them. These pigeonholes are like gasoline for the modern manuscript, which cannot even move through cyberspace to an agent's inbox without the fuel labeling supplies. For those who guide writers on query letters, one of our first lessons is to help authors defin...

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REPOST: No pubs, no kissing, no flying: how Covid-19 is forcing authors to change their novels


 Fascinating article by Alison Flood of the Guardian. I've been wondering about the future of literature in light of Covid-19. There's a number of answers and approaches here, everything from stick to 2018 to jump to the future, but should you write one with or without a vaccine? This article explores various answers we are all struggling with...

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Forget the Rules! Take a Flash Fiction Break


  By Gila Green When I tell people I teach a virtual flash fiction course, I often get strange responses bordering on laughter. Isn't flash fiction just really short fiction? What's the point of taking a specific Flash class? No, flash is its own genre deserving of its own class and in my opinion, it's still underrated as a way to break into p...

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Registration is on! Prepare to Publish


 Prepare to Publish: the business of publication, a hands-on workshop for writers with complete or near-complete manuscripts ready for publication. Monday & Wednesday options starts last week of June Many authors invest all of their energy into their works and are so pre-occupied with writing and editing that by the time it comes to p...

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You're Invited: Two New Exciting New Zoom Classes


AUTOFICTION WORKSHOP: Exploring Hybrid Writing by Gila Green START DATE: Sunday, July 5, 2020 END DATE: Sunday, August 16, 2020 DURATION: 6 weeks LOCATION: Zoom and email for assignments FEEDBACK: Instructor feedback and critique COURSE DESCRIPTION: What is autofiction? It's not memoir, fiction or personal essay, but might weave elements of tw...

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Latest Books

No Entry

No Entry

In No Entry, Canadian teenager, Yael Amar, signs on to an elephant conservation program and ends up coming face to face with violence, greed, and murder and the taste of a very real danger for all of us: elephant extinction.

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White Zion

White Zion

White Zion is a novel in stories forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press (April 2019). The novel takes readers into the worlds of 19th century Yemen, pre-State Israel, modern Israel and modern Canada...

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Passport Control

Passport Control

Miriam Gil knows little about Israel. Her father won’t talk about his life there or the brother he left behind when he came to Canada. Hurt and angry when he tells her to move out to make room for his new girlfriend, she enrolls in an Israeli university. She falls in love with Guy... 

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King of the Class

King of the Class

Eve and Manny are engaged in post-civil war Israel, but Manny has a secret: he’s falling in love with his religious roots and turning his back on moral relativism. As their wedding date approaches...

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Forthcoming Books

With a Good Eye <br>Release Date: Aug. 18, 2024

With a Good Eye
Release Date: Aug. 18, 2024

This family drama is part crime fiction and part domestic noir. With A Good Eye will make you question: can you ever save anyone but yourself and do any of us ever really leave home?

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The Inheritance  <br>Release Date: 2025

The Inheritance
Release Date: 2025

This suspense/thriller asks, if you were to walk away from your family, would you ever go back, even if you received a desperate text message?

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