No Entry is welcome novel, imbued with well-researched passion. Set in South Africa's famous, breathtaking Kruger National Park, YA and adult readers alike will enjoy the joys and sorrows of teenager, Yael Amar, who signs on to an elephant conservation program and comes face to face with violence, greed, murder, and the taste of a very real danger for all of us: elephant extinction.Yael, a modern-day heroine with an innocent love interest that will appeal to a young audience, devotes herself to saving the planet from human greed. She sets about learning all she can about ivory poaching but endangers the life of herself and her friends when she accidentally encounters a murderous poaching ring. Yes, there is some violence, but it's tempered, and the scenes are not sensationalised.At a time when the earth has never been a more dangerous place for elephants, Yael is forced to decide on a new mission: expose this poaching ring to the police or return to the safety of her normal life—demonstrating to a young audience how working with others advances conservation efforts.Gila Green has deftly woven an inspiring story about an ordinary girl who finds the inner strength to fight the people who would empty Africa of every last elephant to line their own pockets if they could.

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