Reposting from Canadian Writers Abroad by Debra Martens

 Back in March when Canadian travellers were urged to come home, I thought of the small community of Canadian writers living abroad. Would they stay or go? As Antony Millen in New Zealand puts it, "It was a very eerie feeling to hear Justin call Canadians home with such urgency. I admit, I did ask myself, "Does he mean us?" and appreciated the notion that my home country cares enough about me. Still, I knew he didn't mean us."

On the whole, as I found out when I asked, they would stay. Millen points to job security, children, and permanent resident status. Writing from the United Kingdom, Jane Christmas says, "I am staying in the UK because this is where I live, this is my home right now." Carla Lamont writes, "Still living on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, in my dream place and job, so won't be moving anywhere." Susan Ă–rnbratt in Gothenberg, Sweden, and Eliza Reid in Iceland both replied that they are staying home.