Five Star Review from NovelClass Five Star Review from NovelClass

 I am delighted to share the latest NovelClass podcast featuring my novel Passport Control.

Thanks to Dave Pezza and Daniel Ford for taking the time to read and review Passport Control in a lively and engaging discussion. 

To give you a taste of their excellent podcast, check out their five-star Goodreads reviews:

 It was amazing. I loved this novel. I kept thinking it would make an excellent play. It will also make you very hungry!

 It was amazing. Green offers a unique and riveting journey of a young women transitioning between different worlds. Miriam Gil is alienated by her father in Canada and opts for a year abroad at the University of Haifa in Israel. Once she arrives, her entire world begins to crumble around her. The politics and violence between jewish and Arab Israelis and revelations about her own family's history challenges Miriam while she discovers Israel's stark and historic beauty. Green presents this tumultuous world with a deft hand and a curiosity that endears the reader to her beloved Israel.

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