My young adult eco-fiction novel No Entry will be released by Stormbird Press in Australia this October 2019.

It is the first in a young adult environmental series.

No Entry tackles elephant poaching through the eyes of a teen heroine on an elephant conservation program in South Africa's Kruger National Park as part of my attempt to draw attention to this important issue. Today I received my first review and I'm thrilled! 

Thank you Amy Knight, fiction editor of A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments.

I just finished reading No Entry. What a great read! It's a coming-of-age story, but it's much more than that. Yael not only grows up, but also comes into awareness that the world can be incredibly brutal, and it's hard to know whom to trust — all of this in a beautifully written package. Equal parts suspenseful page-turner and gorgeous meditation, No Entry kept me reading late into the night. I fell in love with Yael and was truly with her while she was, at times, painfully alone. It's not easy to write about an important social issue and at the same time tell a compelling and personal story but Green has managed it beautifully. No Entry grapples with the complexity of poaching as a social problem and presents it in a way that's believable coming from a teenage girl without being overly naive.
Congratulations on a true achievement!

-Amy P. Knight

Fiction editor, A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments