Sign-up is open! Start 2021 with the story you've always wanted to tell. 

Tell Your Sephardi-Mizrahi Story

Have you always wanted to write your life story? My new Middle Eastern-flavored Autofiction Workshop explores a writing form that pushes beyond memoir and borrows fiction techniques. Inventing your own dialogue and creating details can often free you from the need to stick to the facts, opening the door to a deeper story with emotional truth at its center. This zoom course includes a weekly lesson and in-class exercise. Instructor feedback will be provided on weekly writing assignments (up to 1,000 words). Short readings will feature Middle Eastern writers that include authors such as: Sarah Abrevaya Stein, Rachel Shabi, and Ariel Sabar.

The workshop is open to women and men of all writing levels. 

Space is limited. Sign up here. 

Workshop Dates:

START DATE: Jan 5, 2021 12:00 PM (EST USA & Canada)

END DATEFeb 2, 2021   12:00 PM (EST USA & Canada)

I'm so pleased to have been invited by the Institute of Jewish Experience. Thank you!