Join my zoom class begining  May 27 for five weeks of story exploration. 

Who should join? This class is for anyone writing a Sephardi-Mizrahi story.

Struggling with your memoir or semi-biographical work?

Writing your memoir but feeling constrained by the need to stick to the truth? Then auto-fiction might be the genre you're looking for. Autofiction straddles the line between fiction and memoir, which enables many writers to focus on what they want to write about, without feeling as though they have to stick to the facts, interview every family member, include everyone who was there and triple-check themselves. Often focusing on the factual truth forces writers to cover-up their emotional truths. This can prevent the emotional catharsis that writing often brings, blocking genuine growth and self-discovery. Auto-fiction allows you to exclude what you wish to exclude in your work and to follow your own writing journey without looking in the rearview mirror every couple of pages to search for missed facts. Autofiction enables you to hide parts of yourself you're not ready to explore and to let other areas shine without worrying that you're misleading your reader or violating the reader-author contract. Your story deserves to be told how you wish to tell it. 

In this class, weekly writing exercises will receive peer and instructor feedback. 

Email me for more details through my site.

Minimum sign-up is needed for the class to go ahead.

Space is limited.

This course is offered through the Institute of Jewish Experience.