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My interview with Natasha Murray

Thank you so much, Natasha Murray for hosting me on your blog. It was a thoroughly enjoyable interview.

Welcome Gila to my blog, please let everyone know about your writing journey.

1. What made you want to write a book?

It's a wonderful idea to think there's even the possibility that I might write something another person will connect to. We all need to feel connected to something and someone and I'd like to be part of that, the possibility is a big pull for me. I think we take that for granted but it's a powerful tool if you stop to consider it.

2. Tell us about you and where you live.

I grew up in Canada and moved to Israel in 1994. I lived in South Africa for a short while in-between. I'm a proud mother of five children, a son and four daughters and they are by far my greatest accomplishments.

I've been editing manuscripts for private clients for two decades and I teach English as a Foreign language at the college level. I love my work, especially helping students who tell me on the first day that they are terrible at English and will never understand it. It's very rewarding when they pass the course at the end of the semester.

Similarly, I love the feeling of giving a writer hope when they tell me their manuscript is a mess, not good, and so on. Validating another's work, helping them communicate to the world (and to themselves!) is very meaningful to me. 

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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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