Luna Levi is an ordinary 19-year-old with extraordinary problems. Her mother's acting career is more important to her than the stage of real life. Her father struggles with PTSD as an ex-combat soldier and is equally MIA when it comes to his daughter. The Levis jump from financial crisis to financial crisis until in one-split second someone enters their lives and throws them into the biggest disaster of all. When Luna tries to warn her mother, she is pushed aside and it's the first hint that her mother has every intention of going full steam ahead with a partner who lies--about everything. This family drama is part crime fiction and part domestic noir. With A Good Eye will make you question: can you ever save anyone but yourself and do any of us ever really leave home?

"With a Good Eye is a powerful story about family, loss, and hope seen through the eyes of one young, resourceful woman, Luna Levi, who is trying to find her way. Gila Green paints a vivid portrait of a raw, urban Canadian landscape, as she delves into the Underworld as well as the inner world of her characters. Lyrical, wise and moving." Diana Bletter, author of A Remarkable Kindness

In prose that is tight, spare, and fast paced, Gila Green brings her main character, nineteen when the story begins, into adulthood. . . . By the end, there is a strong sense that this young woman will take matters into her own hands. Through a careful recounting of emotional development, Green leaves us convinced that life, and love, will win out.
--Thaddeus Rutkowski, author of Safe Colors

Release date: August 18, 2024
Publisher: AOS Publishing, Montreal

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