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Review: Jewish Stories Translated into 18 Languages, Edited by Nora Gold with a Foreword by Josh Lambert


Gold has given us a profound type of inter-generational, transnational hand-holding. Exploring Jewish Identity and Resilience in 18 Jewish Stories Translated from 18 Languages (Edited by Nora Gold with a Foreword by Josh Lambert) In a conversation with Nora Gold that I found online, she eloquently points out that due to the dispersion of Jews among...

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Decoding AI in Writing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, revolutionizing various industries. In the realm of writing, AI is not just a futuristic concept but a powerful tool reshaping the landscape of content creation. Let's unravel the intricacies of AI in writing, exploring its capabilities, applications, and the transfor...

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NovelClass Pod: I'm in Conversation with Dave Pezza


LISTEN: It was so nice to be in conversation again with Dave Pezza. This was our fourth podcast together and this time Dave interviewed me about my new novel With A Good Eye. Always a pleasure, Dave. Dave Pezza is the host of NovelClass, the first spin-off in the Writer's Bone Podcast Network. He spends his time trying to justify printing "writer" ...

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The 2025 International Voices in Creative Nonfiction Competition


As you know, I'm a fan of small press. That's one of the reasons I'm honored to be a judge for the 2025 International Voices in Creative Nonfiction Competition (Vine Leaves Press).   The 2025 International Voices in Creative Nonfiction Competition. As #writers we wish to establish literary legacies to sustain hope for the world to become ...

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LISTEN: With A Good Eye on New Books Network


Thank you podcaster Ari Barbalat for interviewing me for the New Books Network: Link: Ari asked me very comprehensive and thoughtful questions about With A Good Eye.  Gila GreenFeb 10, 2024With a Good EyeA NovelACE OF SWORDS PUBLISHING 2024 Luna Levi is an ordinary...

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Embracing Love in your writing on Valentine's Day


This year, let's explore how this day can be an opportunity to express love for our country, history, people, and traditions.  As Valentine's Day approaches, the air is filled with notions of romantic love—roses, chocolates, and heartfelt cards exchanged between partners. Well, when we can take our minds off the war, the hostages, and world in...

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Breakfast: Waffles, fresh fruit, With A Good Eye


Thanks R.A. in Glendale California. The menu at Luna Levi's corner store & grill would have been much improved if this was included. Readers, keep sending me your photos! With A Good Eye and food go together and I love seeing my novel at your tables.   

So many ways to enjoy my new novel "With A Good Eye"


So Many Ways to Enjoy "With A Good Eye" by Gila Green On New Year's Eve, with joy so divine, "With A Good Eye" and cake, a perfect design. In the pages I wander, a literary feat, As the clock ticks away to the year's sweet greet. Tomato bisque whispers, cucumber sings,  A symphony of flavors, as the story swings.  Brisket and potatoes, a ...

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New Interview: REPOST Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

Interview with Deborah Kalb Interview with Deborah Kalb

Thanks so much, author Deborah Kalb for interviewing me on your site about With A Good Eye. Gila Green is the author of the forthcoming novel With a Good Eye. Her other books include Passport Control. She is based in Israel. Q: What inspired you to write With a Good Eye, and how did you create your character Luna Levi? A: I've been wanting to write...

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My interview in Sephardic Horizons


I'm grateful and honored to once again find a novel of mine featured in Sephardic Horizons. Thank you to editor Judith Roumani for taking the time to meet with me at a cafe across from the college where I teach in Jerusalem. Over a coffee and pastry we had a discussion that turned into this interview. This was in August before the war, though I did...

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The Rise of Up-lit: On Trend for 2024


In a world often fraught with challenges and uncertainties, the literary landscape is witnessing a notable shift towards a genre that seeks to provide solace and inspiration. The rise of up-lit, short for uplifting literature, has become a breath of fresh air for readers seeking narratives that offer hope and humor in the face of life's complexitie...

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Listen: My Podcast with Roma Reads


My Feature in Be'chol Lashon


This Hanukkah, I was excited to be featured in Be'chol Lashon. I have been going back and forth with their creative director for a while until we decided that this Holiday of Light would be the ideal time to devote a page on their site to With A Good Eye and how food features in the novel because this holiday, as well as Passover, are seasons ...

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PODCAST: Anything But Traditional


I was delighted to spend an hour chatting with podcaster Tamar Ben Zvi recently. Tamar titled the podcast: One Family's Century-Long Israeli Journey. So that should give you an idea that we talked about Israeli history from the Ottoman Empire through today after starting off with a little bit about Canada. Of course, we delved into book-talk, my no...

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Review of With a Good Eye: Susan Weintrob


Susan Weintrob did me the honor of reviewing White Zion when it came out in 2018. Today she honored me again with her review of my latest novel With A Good Eye, available for pre-order here. It goes without saying that we both love the combination of good food and good books.  Welcome, Susan Weintrob! Foodie LitGila Green's With...

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Voices Unspoken: Writing Amidst the Chaos of War


Since October 7, 2023, I've been living through a war along with the entire Israeli population of every background. Well-meaning podcasters from abroad interviewing me about my new novel, With A Good Eye, have asked me if I'm in any way affected by the current war in Israel. I've responded that you'd have to be in a coma to be unaffected by th...

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Happy Hanukah and Coming Soon


 I want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukah as difficult as it is right now, we are in much need of light. Hanukah is a time to take advantage of, not to waste, so whatever brings light into your life, grab an extra dose on Hanukah.  Here's an update on what's coming up for me: 1. Four podcasts that I detail here. I'll post the links wh...

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Upcoming podcasts: Coming Soon


I'm delighted to share with you my podcasts coming soon. I'm privilleged to have this opportunity to engage in lively discussions with hosts in Canada, the USA and Israel. Thanks for inviting me and looking forward to challenging and enlightening conversations! Ingenium Books I'm super excited for my upcoming discussion with Bon...

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Podcast with Canada's Just Joshing


In the beginning of October 2023, I had the privillege of chatting with podcaster Joshua Pantalleresco on his podcast Just Joshing. We chatted about Canada, what it's like to live in various Canadian cities, postCorona societies, travel, this and that and of course, about my new novel With A Good Eye. Thanks for hosting me, Josh. This podcast ...

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November Jewish Book Carnival


I am honored to host this month's Jewish Book Carnival. The Jewish Book Carnival is a monthly roundup of Jewish literary links from across the blogosphere. Sponsored by the Association of Jewish Libraries, it is hosted by a different blog each month and shares book reviews, author interviews, essays, and other blog posts about Jewish books. For mor...

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Aliyah: A Love Story After the War Broke Out


 Once the war broke out here in Israel, my August essay seemed to have descended from another planet and I wrote an addendum to reflect the current horrible times we are all living through. "The school was closed and no one went to work. Everyone was conscripted into the military or to help in the hospitals or to bury the dead. Across from the...

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Aliyah: A Love Story


Aliyah: A Love StoryThe romance with her fiancé spurred her initial move to Israel, never imagining the love affair she eventually would have with the country. I'm thrilled to share my essay published in the lastest issue of Distinctions. The essay was written in August before this horrific war. An additional shorter essay was written aft...

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REPOST: With A Good Eye Review in North of Oxford


Through a careful recounting of emotional development, Green leaves us convinced that life, and love, will win out.  By Thaddeus Rutkowski The novel With a Good Eye (AOS Publishing, Montreal) follows the fortunes—and misfortunes—of Luna Levi, a young Jewish woman living in Ottawa in the mid-1980s. In prose that is tight, spare, and fast paced,...

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With A Good Eye first batch has arrived


 My fifth novel "With A Good Eye" has arrived from Montreal. First batch! I'm not there to open the box. This story takes place in Ottawa but there is an Israeli thread as well as a thread of antisemitism. Thank you, Meryl Ain for the review.  "Gila Green's compelling new novel, With A Good Eye, is a unique Coming of Age story about the i...

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Announcing the Publication of Am Yisrael Chai: Poems, Prayers, and Essays


 I am honored to have a poem included in this collection. Please order and help raise emergency funds for so many in need.  Announcing the Publication of Am Yisrael Chai: Poems, Prayers, and Essays 94 Authors, One Heart - United in Solidarity with Israel for Kedoshei Yisrael, our fallen ones, whose blessed memories will never fade. f...

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With A Good Eye Testimonials


Before this War broke out, I was very excited about my new novel With A Good Eye.  Blurb    Luna Levi is an ordinary 19 year old with extraordinary problems. Her mother's acting career is more important to her than the stage of real life. Her father struggles with PTSD as an ex-combat soldier and is equally MIA when it comes to ...

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The Fifth Day of War


This short video was filmed on Day Two of the October 2023 War when I was asked if I felt I wanted to share anything about someone who had fallen/was murdered.  The names of the victims: Shlomi and Ayellet Molcho zichronam l'vrachah.  Day Five My sense of time is completely off. Four hours passes like ten minutes. Six hours like five...

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How can you help Israel


Several people have contacted me from outside of Israel to ask how they can help. Thank you JIMENA staff for compiling and sharing this list. I repost it here:   For those wishing to provide direct financial support to Israel: Magen David Adom – Supporting 33,000 paramedics, EMTs, first responders, and first-aid providers in Israel. NATAL...

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My favorite holiday is on the way: Happy Sukkot


Like the fragile sukkah, our stories may be temorary, but their impact can endure for generations. Embrace the impermanence of your words and let your writing be a shelter of inspiration for all who enter.  Wishing everyone who celebrates a meaningful and magical Sukkot!   

Coming soon to gilagreenwrites


Coming soon to gilagreenwrites: November Jewish Book Carnival