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Coming soon to gilagreenwrites


Coming soon to gilagreenwrites: November Jewish Book Carnival  

First blurb for With A Good Eye


 "With a Good Eye is a powerful story about family, loss, and hope seen through the eyes of one young, resourceful woman, Luna Levi, who is trying to find her way. Gila Green paints a vivid portrait of a raw, urban Canadian landscape, as she delves into the Underworld as well as the inner world of her characters. Lyrical, wise and moving." Dia...

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New "Cooking with Gila"


In my new novel With A Good Eye, there's a lot of homecooking, which I loved including in the book.  But why stop at one novel? Come visit me on Instagram at "Cooking with Gila." I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who tries one of my family's favorite recipes.  Follow me. Photos: Moroccan Fish, Holiday Meal Rice  

Cover Reveal & Pre Order Link

WithaGoodEye_separatecovers_v01 Cover Reveal: With A Good Eye

Pre Order ABOUT THE BOOK Luna Levi is an ordinary 19 year old with extraordinary problems. Her mother's acting career is more important to her than the stage of real life. Her father struggles with PTSD as an ex-combat soldier and is equally MIA when it comes to his daughter. The Levis jump from financial crisis to financial crisis until in one-spl...

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August Jewish Book Carnival

August Jewish Book Carnival August Jewish Book Carnival

I'm pleased to host the August Jewish Book Carnival, a monthly event where bloggers who blog about Jewish books can meet, read and comment on each others' posts. You can read more about the Jewish Book Carnival here. This month's Carnival spans kids books, podcasts, memoir and more, so there's something for everyone for those of you ...

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Repost from the Nosher: Yemenite Matit


A Yemenite Jewish Grandmother's Delicious Remedy For What Ails You Known as "nature's antibiotic," matit makes the best breakfast. Thank you to The Nosher for posting my story and recipe. In a beautiful coincidence, my daughter-in-law's Savta (grandmother) Shoshana was born in Yemen's capital, Sana'a, where my paternal great-grandparents were also ...

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Sixth booked signed: The Inheritance


Why should she care if people she hasn't seen for years are dead or alive? I already wrote about my new novel With A Good Eye, forthcoming in Montreal in August 2024. That was a two-book contract and I submitted the second manuscript a couple of months ago.  They took it!  I don't have a publication date, but I assume it's 2025. Well...

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REPOST: My Poem "Grandmothers Who Left" was published in the lastet issue of Exiled Writers Ink Magazine


Grandmothers Who Leftby Gila GreenThe Yemenites were very religious, like all those who left.In the synagogue we sat on straw mats.Grandmothers brought spices for havdalah and for Yom Kippur afternoons, like all those who left.Grandmothers sold aromatic hilbe and schug and saluf; that gave you an appetite.Grandmothers said: "My menucha, rest, will ...

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One for Each Night: The Greatest Chanukah Stories of All Time


I am so honored to be included in this new Chanukah collection of stories forthcoming this December 2023. My short story "Roller Coaster: is featured among so many gifted writers. Thank you New Vessel Press for including me.  This rich medley of stories, poems, and other writings features evocations of Chanukah by classic and contemporary...

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REPOST from The Nosher: This Yemenite Jewish Porridge Is the Comfort Food of My Childhood


 Turns out my birthright wasn't entirely lost to me, it just took me longer than most to realize it.  A cherished family recipes for the most comforting hot cereal with butter and honey. I'm thrilled to have my recipe for Yemenite Harish published in The Nosher.  It's not new to combine food and recipe writing with story (f...

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Messianic Games Accepted


My short story "Messianic Games" was accepted to  Arts & Letters (Georgia College & State University). Thanks so much to Editor Laura Newbern and Fiction Editor Chika Unigwe for accepting my story. "Messianic Games" involves several of my favorite characters: A Cat Lady and a Kabbalist as well as Miri, a character I wrot...

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To Pay or not to Pay an Editor


I have been reading a lot lately on writing forums about the costs of paying developmental editors. Most of these posts end in something like: Is there any other way? I just can't afford it.  As an author myself, who has paid thousands of dollars for professional editing over the years (and learned a ton!), I have some advice for tho...

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Welcome poet Chana Shenderovich


Chana Shenderovich is a poet originally from Ukraine. Today she lives  in Israel and works as an ESL college lecturer, healer and trauma therapist. Her poem "Tel Aviv and Jerusalem" made me think of the daylight between the two cities. Both sets of my father's grandparents came to Ottoman Palestine in the early 1880s. His paternal grandparents...

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Luna Levi's favorite recipe for Sfinge (Moroccan doughnuts/donuts)


"With A Good Eye" heroine, Luna Levi does not hide her love of donuts. When she feels she's at rock bottom, she heads to the bakery for a fresh sugary treat (and maybe even meets the love of her life there). Still,  when Hanukah rolls around in the novel, it's Moroccan sfinge she most craves. Full disclosure: the photo is one I took in Ti...

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Favorite Foods in "With A Good Eye" & Publication Date


I'm delighted to announce that I received a publication date for "With A Good Eye" and guess what? It happens to be my birthday, so here's to August 18, 2024.  There are several foodies in "With A Good Eye": heroine Luna Levi loves donuts and anything homemade by anyone, Stephanie Baker (Luna's brother's girlfriend) uses he...

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March Morning Memoir Workshop


There is still space in my morning memoir workshop.  Join me at Lounge Writers for two hours of memoir writing.   3/28 Class - How to Start a Memoir with Gila Green - $40/$32 For Members$40.00 Only 10 available Date: 3/28 Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 PDT Cost: $40/$32 for members Class Level: Emerging - Intermediate Link and materials ...

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New Book Deal


I am thrilled to announce I've signed my fifth novel with AOS Publishing in Montreal. With A Good Eye is planned for summer 2024 publication.  Luna Levi is an ordinary 19 year old with extraordinary problems. Her mother's acting career is more important to her than the stage of real life. Her father struggles with PTSD as a...

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March Memoir Writing Morning at Lounge Writers


 3/28 Class - How to Start a Memoir with Gila Green - $40/$32 For Members$40.00 Only 10 available Date: 3/28 Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 PDT Cost: $40/$32 for members Class Level: Emerging - Intermediate Link and materials will be emailed at least 30 minutes before class. To register Memoir is as popular as ever. An increasing number of people have ...

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Author Interview : Angela Himsel


There's something universal about the desire for change in general, and the urge to become the person you would like to be, not simply the person you were born as. I was delighted when Angela Himself contacted me and would like to extend a warm welcome to her today on gilagreenwrites. She speaks so to the point about the struggles many writers have...

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Israel Street Art Videos


My colleague Marc Kornblatt continues to send me his original videos filmed in Tel Aviv. Thanks, Marc.  This YouTube "Imaginary Duck Street Art" is a must-watch if you enjoy Israel street art. From YouTube: "The images of Julia Shtengelov, an Israeli street artist working in Tel Aviv, inspired this montage by filmmaker Marc Kornblatt...

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Interview with author Stephen J. Gordon


"The series was created because I wanted to do something to counter all the negative publicity Israel tends to get. I wanted to have a main character who simply had a love of the country." by  Stephen J. Gordon I am thrilled to welcome author Stephen J. Gordon to gilagreenwrites. Today he will be talking about his mystery-thrill...

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New novel excerpt accepted! Link is up


This time with the link: I would be happy to hear any comments you may wish to offer.  I have not submitted my work for a year (long for me, a once upon a time submission-addict). But after a couple of hard losses (yes, we've all had them) I realized I was--  A. Burnt out and  B....

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REPOST: Journals Seeking Short Fiction


This is a repost from one of my favorite Canadian writers: Brian Henry. EveryDay Fiction seeks flash fiction, 1,000 words max – no such thing as too short. Pays $3 U.S. For December issue, wants stories on holiday themes, including: are looking for winter and holiday stories for December 2022 issue, including: Winter Solstice / Midwinter / Yule, Ch...

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My New Novel Excerpt: A Prayer Apart


I have four completed novels not yet published and I'm struggling to decide which one to focus on. When I try to focus on all of them, it's overwhelming.  I've decided to publish an excerpt from all four and ask for feedback. I wrote this one back in 2014 and can't seem to let it go.  Background This novel was accepted by Black Heron Pres...

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Repost: November Jewish Book Carnival is Up


 I'm reposting the November Jewish Book Carnival with special thanks to Marie Cloutier at bostonbibliophile for hosting. The Jewish Book Carnival is a monthly event, bringing together those who cover Jewish literature online to "meet, read, and comment on each other's posts". Organized by the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL), the Car...

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New Testimonials


Testimonials "As members of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Gila and I have swapped several manuscripts as each other's beta reader. Her comments have been both helpful and supportive. She is a consummate professional, a writer/editor with a heart, delivering her services in a timely and diplomatic manner. I recomme...

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START DATE: Ongoing. We choose the same day each month to meet. There are options for weekly or twice-a-month meetings. DURATION: 4 meetings with the chance to renew for additional meetings. LOCATION: Email, Google Drive, Zoom FEEDBACK: Instructor feedback and critique on a shared Google document and via Zoom (optional) CONTACT: Through this&n...

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Author Interview: Joanne Levy

Joanne-Levy-headshot Author Joanne Levy

I am very happy to welcome Joanne Levy to gilagreenwrites today. I love this interview. It's packed with valuable information for readers and writers alike about a very important topic. Thanks so much, Joanne for stopping by. Please drop me a line when you're ready for another visit. BIO: Joanne Levy is the author of the Sydney Taylor Notable and C...

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10/2 Class - How to Start a Memoir with Gila Green


I am thrilled to be teaching at Lounge Writers this fall. Only 10 spots available Date: 10/2 Time: 10:00 am - Noon PDT Cost: $40/$32 for members Class Level: Emerging - Intermediate Link and materials will be emailed at least 30 minutes before class. Memoir is as popular as ever. An increasing number of people have realized that their oral his...

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Interview with award-winning illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg and her work on A Visit to Moscow


Not long ago, I received a beautifully illustrated book in the mail titled A Visit to Moscow, written by Anna Olswanger. The graphic novel takes place in the 1960s and is inspired by a rabbi who traveled to the Soviet Union as part of a rabbinical delegation to visit Jewish victims of government-sponsored anti-Semitism. I approached Anna for a...

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