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Interviews coming up on Gilagreenwrites

author-interviews-2020 Meet authors on gilagreenwrites

Booked until 2020!  July: Miryam Sivan August: Annette Gendler September: Rachel Barenbaum October: Julie Zuckerman  November: Jennifer Friedman Lang  December: Julie Gray

Reminder: one week from today


 Join me for a fun evening in Beit Shemesh at Keramikli. Paint on ceramics (optional) during a literary evening where I'm pleased to host two other Anglo-Israeli authors. When: 7:45 PM, open to the public.  Where: 13 Ha'uman Beit Shemesh (Industrial area) I will be reading from newly released novel in stories White Zion. Julie Zuckerman w...

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Meet me in Ottawa

meet-me-in-ottawa Ottawa Author Talks

I'm so excited to be reading at my alma matter Carleton University. The English Department has courteously invited me to be one of their readers at their Back to School event, the largest event of the year.   Current Schedule:  September 16, JCC Library. Reading from White Zion, my new novel in stories from C...

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Homme de Plume: What I Learned Sending My Novel Out Under a Male Name


I had to repost this article by Catherine Nichols. Fascinating. The plan made me feel dishonest and creepy, so it took me a long time to send my novel out under a man's name. But each time I read a study about unconscious bias, I got a little closer to trying it. I set up a new e-mail address under a name—let's say it was George Leyer, though ...

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Barnes & Noble SOLD: Goliath has Fallen & What This Means for Writers


This is a fascinating post by Kristen Lamb. Goliath has fallen. The leviathan Barnes & Noble, the big-box chain that reinvented retail and defined a generation…is no more. SOLD! Reuters announced early last Friday that the hedge fund Elliot Management Corp. would be purchasing the former book giant for roughly the equivalent of Kim Kardashian's...

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An Evening with Anglo-Israeli Authors

An Evening with Anglo-Israeli Authors Author Evening with Anglo-Israeli Authors

 Save the date! July 7th.  I am pleased to announce an author evening with authors Miryam Sivan and Julie Zuckerman.  We will be reading from Make it Concrete, The Book of Jeremiah, and my own newly released novel in stories White Zion respectively.  Where: Keramikli, 13 Ha'uman (Industrial Area, Beit Shemesh). Ye...

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White Zion review on Susan Weintrob's Foodie Lit: Expand the Table


Like many authors who create their own cultural worlds, in White Zion, Green has developed worlds filled with everyday details that are poignant and often cruel and difficult. White Zion is a collection of short stories by an author whose parents come from distinct cultures. Her father was born and raised in British Mandate Israel while her mo...

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22 Hours Left to Enter my Goodreads Giveaway White Zion


Join the more than 841 people participating in my Goodreads Giveaway for my new novel in stories White Zion. Thanks to the publisher, Cervena Barva, for the courtesy copy.   Recent review from writer Susan Weintrob  Your writing is wonderfully evocative, in your characters, in your plot, and in the difficulties you pre...

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White Zion Review


 I am delighted to share an initial White Zion review from writer Susan Weintrob. A longer review and interview is forthcoming. Stay tuned.  Your writing is wonderfully evocative, in your characters, in your plot, and in the difficulties you present. I was drawn in immediately and thought to myself, "She is a serious writer." Th...

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Summer and a Good Book

beach Summer Reading

Thank you Oregon Jewish Life for including White Zion in their summer reading list.  

Five Stars for my novel Passport Control

Five Star Review from NovelClass Five Star Review from NovelClass

 I am delighted to share the latest NovelClass podcast featuring my novel Passport Control. Thanks to Dave Pezza and Daniel Ford for taking the time to read and review Passport Control in a lively and engaging discussion.  To give you a taste of their excellent podcast, check out their five-star Goodreads reviews:...

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My new story was accepted: The Talk of Sephardim

Story Acceptance Story Acceptance

I am excited to tell you that my short story "The Talk of Sephardim" was accepted to Sephardic Horizons for their summer issue. It's one of those stories that I started more than a decade ago and every once in a while, I took it out, asked someone to read it, frowned over their feedback, played with it some more. Then I would put it out o...

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Goodreads giveaway White Zion


 Only 23 days left to enter my Goodreads giveaway for White Zion.  Enter now for a free copy of White Zion courtesy of Cervena Barva Press. 

Buy White Zion on Amazon


White Zion is now available on Amazon. Gritty Yet Shimmering Stories! I'm not exaggerating here one bit.It's titled 'White Zion' but Gila Green paints from all the colors/hues of the Jewish palette. These gritty yet shimmering stories get into you. I read them all in two swoops, then stayed up for an hour or two, maybe four, waiting for my heart to...

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Tune into my podcast May 22


I'm honored to be part of the May 22 podcast on NovelClass. It's very exciting to be part of such an amazing pool of talent. Thank you to host Dave Pezza for your warm welcome.  The next edition of #NovelClass airs on May 22 and will feature @green_gila's Passport Control. Start reading, subscribe, and tune in!

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Hot off the press!


Thank you so much to my publisher Gloria Mindock who was kind enough to send me a photo of the first copy of White Zion. Right now I have a White Zion giveaway on Goodreads.  Join me!  And here's a new review from author Tara Lynn Masih: Gila Green has assembled a wonderful, atmospheric collage that depicts a family's historical jour...

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Summer Author Interview Series


 I love author interviews. Please let me know in the comments if there's an author you'd like me to interview.

My first mention on an environmental site


Serendipity day. I'm sharing my exciting moment today of finding my novel No Entry on Dragonfly.   It's such a great feeling to find your novel unexpectedly on a site you admire and it makes the release date feel that much more tangible. September 1, you're only three months (and a couple of weeks away). 

Passport Control Review

Passport Control Review

I was excited to read this email from author Miryam Sivan. I've never met her but hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to meet her and thank her in person for this lovely message.  "I read Passport Control and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Miriam's story was very moving. Her pain and needs were palpable and often heart breaking. I love...

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Dear Gila


I'm thrilled to tell you that a Flash story I workshopped with you last winter is a Finalist for a WOW contest! (The story was "Shared Calendars", about a trapeze student).I'm so appreciative of your guidance, and look forward to another class - I'm a Flash addict now. I hope all is well with you. Thank you again, and I look forward to working with...

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Coming soon from Cervena Barva Press

Coming soon from Cervena Barva Press

I'm so excited to share that White Zion is coming out in May with Cervena Barva Press, USA. This novel-in-stories takes readers into the worlds of 19th century Yemen, pre-State Israel, modern Israel and modern Canada. You will hear the voices of a young boy marveling at Israel's first air force on his own roof, the cry of a newly married woman help...

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Pre Order No Entry Now

No Entry

I'm thrilled to tell you that my first young adult, environmental fiction novel No Entry is available for pre order.   You can also request a review copy. Broken-hearted after losing her brother in a terrorist attack, 17-year-old Yael Amar seeks solace on an elephant conservation program in South Africa's Kruger National Park. Catapu...

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My podcast with Janet Groom


I was thrilled to spend half an hour with author Janet Groom. You can listen to it on ITunes or watch it on YouTube.  We discuss writing fiction and why I think we have to get away from characterizing fiction as either plot driven or character driven. Thank you so much for having me on your show, Janet. Stay tuned for a review of Janet's novel...

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She Said Yes!

marry-me Marry Me

 I'm delighted to announce my daughter's engagement. Welcome to the family! May you be blessed until 120!

April Jewish Book Carnival

April Jewish Book Carnival

 I am excited to present this month's Jewish Book Carnival, a monthly event where those who cover Jewish books online "can meet, read, and comment on each others' posts." Organized by the Association of Jewish Libraries, the Carnival travels around and is hosted on a different participant's site on the 15th of each month.  For me April&nb...

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Passport Control Amazon Review: "Green is an author that should not be missed."

Jerusalem April Night Jerusalem April Night

I love it when I'm surfing and find something unexpected. Just found this review of Passport Control on Amazon Canada posted on behalf of Tommy Dewar (unfortunately, reviews put on Amazon USA and Amazon Canada are separate). I've never met Tommy but thank you so much and I hope you enjoy White Zion coming out April 25. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great...

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Wisdom Share with Bev Joy Ehrlich

Jerusalem shuk Mahane Yehudah Jerusalem shuk Mahaneh Yehudah

Just had a fantastic WiSh (Wisdom Share) with Bev Joy Ehrlich and shared a tip to help you create your next dream. Can't wait for this to air! I'll post the details to the WiSh as soon as it goes live. Meantime don't you love this photo from the Jerusalem Mahane Yehudah Market? Took it last night. 

Submission Opportunities for April


Contests With Deadlines in April April 7 (contest runs on Australian time, so deadline may be considerably earlier than midnight depending on your timezone) Up to 500 words based on prompt (released April 5). Prize: 500AUD April 10: Up to 2,500 words on topic "Identity." Prizes: £10,000, £3,000, £2,...

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April Jewish Carnival

April Jewish Carnival coming soon April Jewish Carnival coming soon

Check back on April 15th! Looking forward to sharing more Jewish creativity with you soon. 

Two Galleys in One Week White Zion & No Entry

Galley White Zion, Gila Green Galley White Zion, Gila Green