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The World of My Imagination: Remember when?


"Nice and quiet here," David says.  "I can't wait to see what you've brought me," Yael says. "I can't wait to see your reaction." "To what?" "You'll see. I paid for an extra suitcase. There's a ton of things from your parents," he says. "Went by the house. They're almost done packing." His words are like cold water down her back. Her smile dis...

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This Chanukah, Give the Gift of Words


Thank you goes out to my colleague and fellow author Julie Zuckerman, the creator of this beautiful poster and author of The Book of Jeremiah. This collage of book covers by Jewish writers is a knock-out and just in time for the winter holiday season. It's a personal gift to me to see White Zion included in this creative and talented group. I'...

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No Entry and Passport Control: New in the Library


Had to snap and post. No Entry, set in South Africa's Kruger National Park and Passport Control, set in Haifa in 1993, are both included on the newest poster at the Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library in Vancouver. Knocked out to be included among so much talent from this group of Jewish authors. 

Thanks for a great book night


Had a great time last night at Keramikli. I was honored to spend the evening with such talented and gracious authors: Ondine Sherman originally from Australia and Dr. Leah Scheier, originally from the USA. So wonderful to meet and talk with other English-language writers in Israel working on such important topics for young adult audiences. A public...

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Reminder: See you tomorrow at Keramikli


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"That's me holding the books"


I'm delighted to see my novels on display at the Isaac Waldman Vancouver Jewish Library. Thank you Helen Pinsky, librarian (yes! I wanted to be a librarian when I was growing up) for sending me this great photo.   "I have read much of Passport Control, and like the other 2 books, I found it gripping me and impressing me with the character...

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"Moving and Powerful" White Zion


It means a lot to me when readers send me their thoughts on White Zion. Thank you, Terri! I read White Zion recently and want to share how moving and powerful it was for me. It's wonderful to hear stories about Jews from MENA and how they are viewed in both Israel and Canada. I understand this is important to you from reading an interview onli...

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November Jewish Carnival

Jewish-lit-links-enjoy Jewish Lit Links

This month's Jewish carnival was kindly hosted by author Yael Shahar. I'm so pleased I took part. See my interview with author Jennifer Lang at the link below. There's more interviews for you to enjoy every month. Authors coming up in the next few months include: Miriam Drori, Daniel Sofer, Katherine Locke, Mel Rosenberg, Julie Gray, Nadi...

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Is it a punch in the mouth or Betrayal?


"Hello? Anyone home?"  "Sorry. Still not used to driving on this side of the road," Yael lies. "Need to concentrate."  Yael forces her shoulders back. She wants to reverse, set the case on fire. She cannot believe she's participating in the murder of innocent animals. But she cannot arouse David's suspicions. There's no telling what he mi...

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The winner is...


It's so fun to win a raffle! Got this message today:  Congratulations on winning the SCBWI Thursday Crawl 10/17!  Gila Green What's the SCBWI BookStop Crawl? Find out now and discover thousands of new novels.   Please check out my page, like it, and leave a comment and go on to explore.

"Yael is a great main character"-- Vancouver reader review, No Entry

vancouver-jewish-library Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library

 Hello Gila, We have now received copies of both your books White Zion and No Entry - thank you so much!! We're cataloguing them, and will send you pictures of them in our display asap. BTW I read No Entry and was very impressed - both with your writing and with the messages that are so clearly conveyed to the reader. Yael is a great main char...

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November 25th Save the date



TED Circle in Tel Aviv


This week I participated in Israel's first TED circle in Tel Aviv. We discussed a TED talk after watching it together. The main topic was efficiency vs. robustness. It was delightful to meet thirty new people from all different countries, backgrounds, and ages. Thanks to Professor Mel Rosenberg for inviting me AND we discovered that Professor Rosen...

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My new short story accepted to Jewish Literary Journal


 My favorite genre is still the short story.  Every once in a while, I submit one. Indeed, I'm thinking of putting together a new short story collection and shutting down those voices in my head that whisper: novels, people want novels.  Today my story "Dis-Engagement" was accepted by the Jewish Literary Journal. Shout-out to author ...

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Save the date for the next Beit Shemesh Lit Event

Save the date for the next Beit Shemesh Lit Event SAVE THE DATE

​The next Beit Shemesh Lit event is on its way. When: November 25 Time: 7:30 PM Where: Studio Keramikli Join us on Monday, November 25 for an exciting author talk. Dr Leah Scheier will be speaking about her new novel, just signed with Simon & Schuster for a 2021 release and Ondine Sherman will be visiting from Herzliyah to tell us about her Ani...

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For Canadian writers: Resiliency Anthology open to submissions


Resiliency Anthology call for submissions The Selkie Publications CIC Deadline: 01 January 2020 at 00:00 Submissions are now open for a Canadian anthology on the theme of resiliency. Now accepting fiction, non-fiction, poetry and artwork until January 1, 2020. Paid opportunity! Submissions are now open for a Canadian anthology on the theme of resil...

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REPOST: Google Search will soon understand normal questions, not just keywords

REPOST: Google Search will soon understand normal questions, not just keywords Google learns a new language

Interesting post from Rachel Kaser. Ever had to search for something on Google, but you're not exactly sure what it is, so you just use some language that vaguely implies it? Google's about to make that a whole lot easier. Google announced today it's rolling out a new machine learning-based language understanding technique called Bidirectional Enco...

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A small favor


 Reviews are so helpful and they only need to be one line.  Thanks for stopping by. If you read Passport Control, White Zion, or No Entry, I would be grateful for a review on Amazon or Goodreads. People like to read what others recommend. One line ideas: This was a beautiful story Perfect for anyone interested in... One of the best novels...

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 Bookish treats could be's giveaway on.  Tracey has been interviewing authors and reviewing books since 2005. She's particularly supportive of Australian authors and enjoys historical fiction, crime, thrillers, and more. Today Tracey's Melbourne-based book blog Carpe Librum is hosting a Friday Freebie ...

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Tune in: I chat with Dave Pezza's NovelClass--Writer's Bone


​CURRENT READ: IF YOU WANT TO MAKE GOD LAUGH BY BIANCA MARAIS In Episode 3.13, host Dave Pezza chats with author Gila Green (No Entry, Passport Control) about Bianca Marais' If You Want to Make God Laugh. To celebrate Gila Green's recent novel No Entry, and her appearance on the show, Stormbird Press is offering an exclusive deal! NovelClass listen...

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So gratifying when a flash participant gets published!


 Hi Gila, I just wanted to let you know that the flash you helped me work out over the summer actually found a taker! That is cool. And I thought you should know, seeing as how you brought me there.Hope all is well and happy in your world! And thanks again,Jenny (link below) Congratulations, Jenny. Please continue to share your good news. ...

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White Zion Spotlight: What Is That Book About


Thank you so much to Michelle Bowles and her inspiring book blog "What Is That Book About" for spotlighting White Zion. I really appreciate what she writes on her site: "Now, for me, it isn't about the most popular book or one "that" is on that list. Books mean a lot to me and the people who take the time to write them. The books you will see ...

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My young adult novel No Entry was part of Vancouver's Ecocity 2019


Thanks to Dragon Fly's Mary Woodbury, who not only featured No Entry, my new young adult novel about a teen heroine who takes on a murderous elephant poaching ring in South Africa's Kruger National Park,  in her own publication, but who also mentioned No Entry at Vancouver's Ecocity 2019. From Ecocity site: "The Ecocity World Su...

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Repost: 5 Million Page Views ... and All I Got Was This Lousy Blog

botanical-garden The publishing road

This one made me laugh out loud. Would love to hear your views on this advice: Seven years ago, one of my spawnlings told me I needed to write a blog. I forget which one ... I often get them confused, but it was probably the same spawnling who said I needed to have a Twitter account (whatever that was) and a Facebook page.I have since regretted bot...

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I love your letters


 Hi Gila, I hope all is well with you.Had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your short stories in your September newsletter. You are so talented.Your newsletter is always a highlight in my mailbox.Take care, and thanks again for the newsletters. Love them. Ellen Marcantano Thank you for the sample of your short (in your newsletter). It ...

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Guest Hosting one week away


 October 23, I'm guest hosting with Dave Pezza of Boston's NovelClass. Tune in for our discussion of If You Want To Make God Laugh by author Bianca Marais. My new novel No Entry is set in South Africa's Kruger National Park, which is why I was thrilled to choose this novel to review. I wish to thank Dave Pezza once again for asking me to co-ho...

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This Will Only Take a Minute: Canadian Flash Fiction anthology submissions

flash Flash Fiction Submission

 This Will Only Take a Minute: Canadian Flash Fiction Anthology – Deadline: December 31, 2021, 11:59 PM Brevity is the soul of wit, as William Shakespeare wrote in one of his longer plays, Hamlet. Flash Fiction, brief stories, have become one of the most exciting sub-genres of contemporary fiction. Canadian flash fiction has been under-represe...

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Coming up on gilagreenwrites


I've lined up some excellent author interviews for you, so grab a coffee and enjoy. Preview: Dan Sofer has an exciting giveaway coming up November 6. So excited to be hosting in the coming months: Dan Sofer, Deborah MB, Janice Weizman, Nadia Jacobson, Miriam Drori, Jennifer Lang

Podcasting with NovelClass October 23

bianca Podcasting on NovelClass

I review If You Want to Make God Laugh with Boston's Dave Pezza 23/10 NovelClass podcast. There's a gift for listeners who tune in!

Check out BookStop


I've always wanted to join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and now that my young adult novel No Entry is out there, I can! Thank you Stormbird Press, Australia. Did you know they have this six-week promotion for authors called BookStop? I joined yesterday and noticed this promotion, so I want to share it with yo...

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