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Wholesome in 15: 7 Quick and Healthy Recipes for Busy Writers, Editors, and Readers


Writing tips shouldn't focus solely on 'show don't tell' and 'read your dialogue out loud.' Part of writing well ultimately involves taking care of yourself. Finding time for nutritious meals can be a challenge for many of us who are trying to balance family and professional life, as well as meet deadlines. However, maintaining a healthy diet doesn...

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Self-Editing Techniques for Writers


"Challenge yourself to reduce the word count by a specific percentage or edit without using certain words. Constraints can lead to inventive solutions and more concise writing." The journey from the initial draft to the final polished manuscript is a crucial phase in the life of any writer. While professional editors play a vital role, the skill of...

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Begin the Year with Words: Israel and Jewish-Inspired Writing Prompts


 As we step into a new calendar year, let's weave the rich tapestry of Israel and Jewish culture into our creative expressions. Whether you're a writer deeply connected to these themes or looking to explore them for the first time, these New Year writing prompts are crafted to spark your imagination with elements of Israel and Jewish iden...

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Crafting Compelling Characters: A Guide to Using Storyboards


For my new novel "With A Good Eye" storyboards were particularly helpful in creating my character Luna Levi and her best friend Aiden Betel. by Gila Green Characters are the heart and soul of any compelling story. They drive the narrative, engage readers, and make the fictional world come alive. To create well-rounded, relatable characters, writers...

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To Hire an Editor or Not to Hire an Editor


Whether you choose to work with an editor or not, the key is to prioritize the quality of your writing and the satisfaction of your readers. Ultimately, the decision to hire an editor depends on your goals, resources, and preferences. Lately, I've seen this question repeatedly on a number of writing sites: Should I hire an editor? To save time resp...

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Embracing the Open Mic: Unlocking the Power of Live Author Performances


"Remember that the emotional depth of live readings cannot be duplicated on a screen" By Gila Green In a world dominated by virtual meetings and online interactions, the allure of live performances may seem like a relic of the past. However, the magic of sharing stories in person should not be shelved in the age of Zoom. Live author performances ha...

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Ten Reasons Why a Manuscript Evaluation may be just What a Writer Needs


Compared to comprehensive developmental editing or line editing, manuscript evaluations are often more affordable.  If a writer is unsure about the overall viability of their manuscript, a manuscript evaluation can save time. The scenario is common. A writer gets stuck at a certain stage of the manuscript. It could be after 5,000 words or...

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Ten Reasons You May Need a Writing Coach


Through constructive feedback, encouragement, and guidance, a writing coach helps writers recognize their strengths, embrace their unique voice, and develop confidence in their abilities. A writing coach helpswriters create a schedule, set aside dedicated writing time, and provide strategies to maintain consistency and productivity. A writing ...

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No need to apologize to your Writing Coach


Dear Women 50+, It doesn't take more than a few clicks to find publications aimed at women over 50 years of age. My first try brings me to "15 Over 50 Magazines & Publications." The next article is from the Guardian informing me about the "rise of older female writers" and proclaiming that "things are definitely looking up," presumably for thos...

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Unleashing Creativity: Five Ways to Spark your Writing


Maybe you suffer from writer's block or maybe you feel your writing is flat. Perhaps, you're caught in a loop in which all of your work is starting to sound the same or just boring yourself to sleep.  Calls for writing are all over the internet. Use them. Anyone who writes over the long-term has periods of flat, dull and uninspi...

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Are Jewish words and expressions "No-Entry" signs for a general audience?


Keep the words you want in for authenticity and describe the scene for accessibility.  Ever found yourself deleting or avoiding Jewish words and expressions in your writing (whatever Jewish means to you, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino)? Often writers tell me they are worried about alienating their general audience or sounding 'too Jewish' so they avo...

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Stop Dancing at Two Weddings or Why Use a Professional Editor?


There are just so many problems that can be resolved in one novel.  This article is advice for both editors and authors. It applies to fiction and memoir. If you think your manuscript suffers from "dancing at two weddings," I'd be happy to take a look.  Many writers out there struggle with their manuscripts because they are trying to writ...

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Reposts: Autofiction Roundup

Autofiction-Lane-between-fiction-and-memoi_20210622-102508_1 Autofiction : Between Fiction and Memoir

"An author working in good faith can't win at this game. If she is forced to confirm that her material is autobiographical, then she risks forfeiting both the privacy and the power of transfiguration that fiction promises. If she denies it, then she surrenders a badge of authenticity that she may never have wished to claim in the first place, and l...

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The Many Faces of Auto*Fiction by Gila Green

christopher-ott-ARiOAuzRBXY-unsplash The two faces of autofiction

Since July 2020, I've been teaching autofiction online (and now on zoom) and I've already received enough feedback to share with you not only my number one question, but the number one stumbling block at the beginning of each class. So at the risk of sounding redundant (yes, I answered this question back in June, but that was pre-teaching...

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Guest Post: 4 Publishing Tips for Authors in the Time of COVID-19


 Guest post from Desiree Villena The first half of 2020 has wrought havoc on all our lives, writers and non-writers alike — but for professional authors in particular, the chaos and uncertainty of the past few months have been incredibly daunting. Book launches have been delayed, releases that forged ahead have gone unnoticed, and for some aut...

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Why I Write

Writing is a journey

Thank you so much to Christi Craig who hosted me on her Sunday Series. From her site: In this Sunday Series, you'll meet writers new and seasoned as they share what inspires them to put #PenToPaper. I have never attended a Canadian creative writing program, so I cannot say with certainty that my distance from Ottawa, my hometown, allows me to ...

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Writing Lies and Other Truths: AutoFiction


By Gila Green We live in a publishing world that not only craves categories; it demands them. These pigeonholes are like gasoline for the modern manuscript, which cannot even move through cyberspace to an agent's inbox without the fuel labeling supplies. For those who guide writers on query letters, one of our first lessons is to help authors defin...

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Forget the Rules! Take a Flash Fiction Break


  By Gila Green When I tell people I teach a virtual flash fiction course, I often get strange responses bordering on laughter. Isn't flash fiction just really short fiction? What's the point of taking a specific Flash class? No, flash is its own genre deserving of its own class and in my opinion, it's still underrated as a way to break into p...

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Write to be Heard

Write to be Heard

by Gila Green I have never attended a Canadian creative writing program, so I cannot say with certainty that my distance from Ottawa, my hometown, allows me to mentally glide over to the 1980s version of the city, pecking at bits and inserting them into my fiction, squirreling away savory pieces for later use, because I don't know any other writing...

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Seven Read-Aloud Tips


Thanks to Chrissey Harrison for mentioning my suggestion to film an author read-aloud in her excellent post. Here she offers ten ways to promote your book and I have to agree with her number one suggestion, which is to write another book. Another book is your best marketing tool and you're a content creator after all. Check out the rest o...

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8 Ways to Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock

By Gila Green The secret of getting ahead is getting started—Mark Twain Three deadlines coming up, dinner's not made, and you haven't even hit the grocery store yet? The short answer might be fast food or begging a colleague to take one of your assignments, but the long-term answer is to improve your efficiency. Here are eight tips to help you save...

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Does Your Story Have a Case of Runaway Pace?


This indirect or left-branching sentence builds tension and creates excitement because it slows down the pace of the story. by Gila Green Have you ever seen any of these comments in the margins of your work? Slow downUnevenLacks climaxFlat If you answered "yes," you should immediately browse through your writer's toolbox of literary devices for pac...

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Five Ways Living in One Language Fingerprints your Writing in Another


Are your notions about your birthplace outdated? By Gila Green Diction. Slang and other everyday words sneak into our vocabularies. If you don't live and write in the same language, it takes an extra effort to root foreign words out of your work, unless they're part of your story.Names. Many writers spend a great deal of time enhancing their work w...

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Description Might be Draining your Writing

Writing Tip

What you need to work on in your writing isn't description it's imagery.  By Gila Green If you write fiction you've probably been told dozens of times to include vivid description, work on your description, and not to forget description. Likely, you've also been reminded not to overdo it on the description. Unfortunately, being told to in...

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Writing Lies and Other Truths


By Gila Green We live in a publishing world that not only craves categories; it demands them. These pigeonholes are like gasoline for the modern manuscript, which cannot even move through cyberspace to an agent's inbox without the fuel labeling supplies. For those who guide writers on query letters, one of our first lessons is to help authors defin...

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4 Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

wall Writing Historical Fiction

 After writing three Jewish historical fiction novels (White Zion, Passport Control, and my as yet unpublished novel A Prayer Apart) here's my best advice for Jewish historical fiction writers: Sometimes research provides more than one answer and you'll have to use your best judgement: Someone may call you out on it but don't let that stop you...

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Guest Post on Don Jimmy Reviews, Book Chat, and sometimes more

Don-Jimmy Don Jimmy Reviews

Thanks so much to James Tormey, the host of Don Jimmy Reviews for having me on his site today.  It's always a pleasure to spend time with book lovers all over the world.  The Secret to Inspired Writing By Gila Green I don't get ideas. I feel ideas. Let me explain. I'm commonly asked where my ideas come from for my fiction. It's a leg...

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Five Tips To Help You Write A Novel About Anything


by Gila Green Novels are peppered with males and females, young and old, witches, aliens, and murderers. Yet many writers still feel limited to topics they know inside and out. What a great pity. I published a young adult novel about a teen heroine who takes on an elephant poaching ring in South Africa's Kruger National Park and you know what? I'm ...

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Re-posting Myself: Writing Beyond the 5 Senses

Re-posting Myself: Writing Beyond the 5 Senses

My "five worst writing tips" was such a popular post that today I'm re-posting more writing advice regarding what could easily have been worst writing tip number six: use the five senses. Do I disagree that we should use the five senses in our writing? Not at all. It's the number five that I disagree with. Read on to find out why. Beyond the 5...

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Five bad pieces of writer advice

beach-library Beach Library Ashdod

There's more advice for writers out there than ever. You need to know that 1. A lot of it is bad 2. A lot of it doesn't apply to you; it was that writer's experience. 3. It doesn't go away, but happily, you can ignore it. Here are my top five worst pieces of writing advice: 1. Never respond to a potential publisher with mor...

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