If you were to walk away from your family, would you ever go back, even if you received a desperate text message? This question is at the core of Layne Bristol's first dilemma in The Inheritance. After successfully escaping her con-artist parents and bully older brother, someone wants to suck Layne back into a life she's abandoned, a life she's still healing from in Toronto with the help of her therapist. This mysterious text hints that if she doesn't return home immediately, the worst is yet to come. But why should she care if people she hasn't seen for years are dead or alive? She's betrayed first at work, then at home where she lives with her flirt-for-sport roommate, the news shattering her assumptions. The text won't disappear. In The Inheritance, Layne has arrived at a pivotal crossroad. Which way should she choose?

Release date: 2025
Publisher: AOS Publishing, Montreal

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