In The Inheritance, Layne Fortunefield's escape from her con-artist family is abruptly halted by a cryptic text, pulling her back to a past she thought she'd left behind. From the tranquility of her life in Toronto, where she seeks solace in therapy, Layne is thrust into a whirlwind of betrayal, mystery, and unexpected challenges.

As she grapples with professional deceit and personal heartbreak, Layne is confronted with a message that refuses to fade into oblivion. The urgency of the text implies a looming threat, and the stakes escalate when she discovers unsettling news that shatters her assumptions about her current life.

Living with a flirtatious roommate who turns out to be less than trustworthy, Layne finds herself at a pivotal crossroad. The decision to ignore the ominous message or return to a past she tried desperately to escape becomes more complex with each passing moment.

In The Inheritance, Layne Fortunefield faces a gripping dilemma that forces her to question her loyalties, unravel family secrets, and confront the shadows of her past. Will she choose the path of self-preservation, or will she risk everything to confront the ominous unknown that awaits her back home?

Release date: 2025
Publisher: AOS Publishing, Montreal

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