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Discussion Guide for "With A Good Eye"

  • "With A Good Eye" delves into the journey of 19-year-old Luna Levi as she navigates the challenges of maintaining her household while her mother pursues her acting career and her father is mostly absent. Luna shoulders the responsibilities of managing finances, cooking, and cleaning for herself and her brother Ronen, all while grappling with the complexities of friendship, love, and troubling family dynamics.

Guidelines for Discussion:

  1. Character Dynamics:
    • Explore the relationships between Luna, Ronen, and their parents.
    • Discuss Luna's role as the caretaker of the household and the impact it has on her personal growth and relationships.
    • Analyze the dynamics between Luna and her best friend Aiden, as well as her boyfriend Ian, and how these relationships influence her decisions and experiences.
  2. Themes of Responsibility and Resilience:
    • Examine the theme of responsibility and the weight of adulthood placed on Luna at a young age.
    • Discuss Luna's resilience in the face of adversity and the strategies she employs to cope with her challenges.
    • Reflect on how Luna's experiences resonate with the struggles of "adulted" teens and the broader theme of coming of age.
  3. Family and Community:
    • Explore the portrayal of family dynamics in the novel, including themes of abandonment, reconciliation, and forgiveness.
    • Discuss the role of community support, including characters like Aiden's father Doron and Chef Angelo, in Luna's journey.
    • Reflect on the importance of chosen family and the bonds that transcend blood ties.
  4. Exploration of Conflict and Resolution:
    • Identify the various conflicts present in the novel, both internal and external.
    • Discuss how these conflicts drive the narrative forward and shape the characters' decisions and relationships.
    • Reflect on the resolution of conflicts and the lessons learned by the characters as a result.
  5. Leaving Home:
    • Explore the theme of "do any of us ever really leave home?" as reflected in the last chapter of the novel.
    • Discuss whether individuals can truly separate from their nuclear family or if they are forever influenced by it.
    • Reflect on Luna's journey and how her perception of home and family evolves throughout the novel.

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