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My interview in Sephardic Horizons

I'm grateful and honored to once again find a novel of mine featured in Sephardic Horizons. Thank you to editor Judith Roumani for taking the time to meet with me at a cafe across from the college where I teach in Jerusalem. Over a coffee and pastry we had a discussion that turned into this interview. This was in August before the war, though I did have a chance to lightly edit the last question recently to reflect the horrific events that have happened in Israel since October 7. 

From their website: About Sehardic Horizons

Although this journal concentrates on the 'core' Sephardic culture, that of the Jews who were exiled from the Iberian Peninsula, it will include not only the core culture but also that of Jews who consider themselves Sephardim in the wider sense. In this definition, the Jewish communities of the former Ottoman Empire and the broader Mediterranean and Middle East, even those who do not trace their origin to Iberia, have commonalities deriving from the centuries when Babylon was the preeminent Jewish center which, as it faded, passed the baton to the Mediterranean communities, above all to al-Andalus. Since the expulsion from Spain in 1492, many Sephardim returned to these same regions, as well as emigrating to Europe and the Americas.

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Friday, 21 June 2024

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