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So many ways to enjoy my new novel "With A Good Eye"

So Many Ways to Enjoy "With A Good Eye"

by Gila Green

On New Year's Eve, with joy so divine, "With A Good Eye" and cake, a perfect design.

In the pages I wander, a literary feat,

As the clock ticks away to the year's sweet greet.

Tomato bisque whispers, cucumber sings, 

A symphony of flavors, as the story swings. 

Brisket and potatoes, a culinary tale,

Each chapter unfolding, like a hearty exhale.

Lemon curd dances with passion's embrace, 

A dessert of words, a delicate grace. 

Plain Greek yogurt, a creamy delight, 

In the world of my novel, a flavorful flight.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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