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Children's Book Review: Who Stole the Cookies?

​Today I'm reviewing author Margo Dill's children's book.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review. A copy was given to me courtesy of the author. 

Title:  Maggie Mae, Detective Extraordinaire

Subtitle: The Case of the Missing Cookies

Author: Margo Dill

Illustrator: Jack Foster

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Saint Louis, Missouri 

Synopsis: Who stole the cookies? In this children's book for readers 4-8, Dill immediately draws us into a mystery. Grandma must get those cookies ready for the bake sale and in the blink of an eye, they've disappeared. Luckily, Maggie Mae is immediately on the case, armed with a solid knowledge of clue gathering, logical reasoning, detective notebook, pencil, and detective badge (which she keeps conveniently in her back pocket for such emergencies).  

This is a humorous and delightful story that both parents and children will love. Dill keeps the pace going and the text is sprinkled with humor. For example, when Maggie Mae questions her dog about his whereabouts at the time the crime was committed, he licks her face and Maggie Mae writes in her detective notebook: Sloppy alibi. 

Jack Foster tells a compelling story with his colorful illustrations that will evoke an emotional response from both parents and children. They add a layer of humor to the story and deepen the sense that we are embarking on not just a mystery but an adventure with Maggie Mae. Grandma is an authentic character with curly hair, glasses, and bright green slippers. 

I recommend this book because not only is it an enjoyable story in the popular mystery genre, but it's educational and will generate plenty of discussion for both parents and educators. Maggie Mae uses deductive reasoning, logical thinking, organizational skills, and attention to detail. Adults reading this book to children can use it as a prompt to discuss helping others in need; useful vocabulary such as: alibi, suspects, experiment, clue, and culprit; and problem-solving.      

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