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Book Club Discussion Questions for White Zion

Book Club Discussion Questions for White Zion

1. Why do you think the author chose the title White Zion? What does it signify to you? Would you have chosen a different title?

2. Who is the hero/heroine of this novel-in-stories? What makes a hero or heroine?

3. Do you think the author chose the right format for this work? In other words, do you think the work would have been more effective as a novel rather than a novel-in-stories?

4. Did you learn anything about Yemenite Jews? Israel? Other cultures? Did you find the book educational? 

5. Did White Zion offer you another perspective on Israel or Canada? What about the Ottoman Empire?

6. Were there any friendships in White Zion? Why or why not? Do you think that was deliberate on the part of the author?

7. In White Zion there are many family relationships. Which struck you as the most outstanding? Could you relate to any of the family relationships in this work?

8. Miriam loves her grandmother but her grandmother makes comments some may perceive to be racist? Do you think Miriam considers her grandmother a racist? 

9. What part does war play in White Zion? How many wars are mentioned and do you believe they are explained adequately?

10. Do you think Miriam's father sacrificed something when he moved to Canada? Was it the right thing to do? Have you made similar sacrifices? 

11. The themes of intermarriage and blended families are explored both in "Spider Places" and in the short story "White Zion"? What do you think the author is telling readers about intermarriage? Do you relate to these messages?

12. Do you believe there are "good guys" and "bad guys" in White Zion? When all is said and done where would you put Miriam? Her father? Her mother? 

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