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Class Participants Write......Dear Gila

Hi, Gila! Hope you are well. Just wanted you to know about a flash market that’s very writer-friendly, a good place to land for some of your flash students who are looking for their first publishing credit (or have a good piece that doesn’t seem to fit with other markets): Every Day Fiction. I just had a piece published there (, and here was my experience:

-Their response time was reasonable (90 days is their max; I heard from them in 88)
-All 6 of their editors gave me comments/feedback on my story.
-I was given the opportunity to make changes based on the feedback before publication, if I wished to do so (had a nice back-and-forth with one of the editors and added a sentence as a result)
-Readers can comment and rate your story (1 to 5 stars), and the writer has the opportunity to respond to the readers (not something you see in most e-zines).  

Over all, it’s been a fun experience; just wanted to share it with you and by extension, your students.  Your intro class last spring started me along my ‘flash’ path; thanks, again!

Joyce Barton

Dear Gila,

B"H my book will be delivered to me this week in print.
 This is the link. 

It was wonderful working together and I greatly appreciate all the help and advice you provided me with, even after the editing was completed.

Good luck with all of your future pursuits,

Love Chana.

Dear Gila,

Here's the link to my short fiction piece - Silent Partners. The WOW! quarterly contests are a great way to get motivated and test your skills. I appreciate your interest so please feel free to share it with your Flash class. I would be grateful for any feedback/critique you or your class would like to offer! 

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