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Great News: Passport Control is coming out fall 2018

I'm thrilled to share with you that my novel Passport Control will be coming out with S&H Publishing October 2018.

"Many novels have attempted to orchestrate the impossible marriage of politics and human relations in the state of Israel, but few have presided over that perilous ceremony with the grace, affection, and emotional clarity of Gila Green's Passport Control.  A stunning achievement."
Steve Stern, author of The Book of MischiefA Plague of DreamersThe Frozen Rabbi, and The North of God.

What's it about?

Miriam Gil flees Canada for Israel when her Israeli dad says he needs more room in their house — for his new girlfriend. Soon at university, living in a dorm with three bickering roommates, she falls in love with Guy, a former combat soldier who dreams of peace. 

Miriam is caught off guard when her visa and passport application are rejected on the grounds that she’s suspected of being a Syrian Christian. 

In rapid order, the university boots her out and her one true friend is murdered in a brawl, but most terrifying of all, Miriam is accused of murder by Israeli police. Now, despite troubling new revelations about her father’s past, Miriam must somehow reconcile with him if she is to prove her innocence, reclaim her life, and hang on to her newfound love.


Gila Green’s passionate second novel, Passport Control, is a mosaic of one family’s secrets set against the background of Israel’s multiple, conflicting identities. It is smart and sympathetic, admirable in both intent and execution.
Melvin Jules Bukiet, author of Strange Fire and other novels. 

I could not stop reading. There is no higher compliment than that. You have captured some truly wonderful, funny, but lunatic moments of a world that you have uniquely captured and rendered with amazing detachment. Many of these pages will leave readers grappling with a sense of their own identities as they left me.

Mark Mirsky, author Blue Hill Avenue and editor of Fiction Magazine, NY. 

Watch this space for more details.

Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash
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