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King of the Class: Reader Reviews

Gila Green's King of the Class is at once a bold and unflinching examination of love and faith in harrowing conflict, while at the same time a spellbindingly suspenseful tale that kept this reader breathlessly turning pages. The book clearly heralds the debut of a brave talent and brilliant entertainer
Steve Stern author of The Wedding Jester, The Frozen Rabbi, The Book of Mischief

As a chronicler of contemporary Israeli religious life I think Green has no rival. She tells the stories from the born again trenches without the heavenly jingles and praise the Lord sighs. This is the spiritual equivalent of a soldier’s memoir from the Iraq War. Jarhead for the religious crowd.  The last hundred and fifty pages of thriller are page-turners, and it is no small feat to turn the religious lives of a few thousand Israelis into a drama you could make into a movie of the week.
Atar Hadari, The Antigonish Review

Gila Green’s King of the Class spins multiple hoops as a novel, whirling through political fiction, science fiction, and social criticism. Her book spins vital questions about contemporary Israeli society into a narrative in the tradition of a stunning world of magical realism. King of the Class also is a personal exploration by the author of the tensions inherent when passing from a secular to a religious life. Ms. Green’s honesty and skill in anatomizing both the pain and joys of her heroine, Eve, as the latter tries to negotiate her passage from a non-religious Jewish teenager in Canada, to a life as a mother in an Orthodox strictly observant community in Israel, makes for hypnotizing reading. 
Mark J. Mirsky Editor of Fiction Magazine & author of Thou Worm Jacob, Blue Hill Avenue, Absent Shakespeare, My Search for the Messiah, Dante, Eros, and Kabbalah.

With humour and whimsy Gila Green morphs futuristic details into a convincing present by
grounding her characters in that which forever bonds and divides us--love and loyalty,
sacrifice, loss, and politics. On the surface, King of the Class is an amusing and
imaginative satire. At its heart, it is an absorbing and compassionate tale of lovers and
family members divided by Middle Eastern politics and religion, reunited by recognition and
Pearl Luke, author of Burning Ground and Madame Zee
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