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No Entry is a must read

I am honored to post this review of No Entry from We Love Quality Books. Thank you so much.  No Entry's official release date is September 17. 

The story is set in South Africa and the Kruger National Park. The protagonist, Yael Amar finds difficult to cope with a traumatic experience. To divert herself from the never-ending pain, brave Yael takes up a course in forest conservation that brings her to South Africa and Kruger National Park.

Yael shows grit and determination to win over challenges. She makes some friends in the process and has a life altering experience.

Her fascination with elephants only multiplies during the trip and she finds her calling by the end of the novel.

Author Gila Green chalks out genuine and identifiable characters in the novel, No Entry. She beautifully expresses angst and longing that most young adults deal with everyday. Some teens and young adults deal with over protective parents while there are those who deal with over indulging parents. Then there are those whose parents strike the right balance.

Through the book No Entry, author Gila Green has described how different styles of parenting shape children differently and why what might work with one child might not work with another. The book also describes young love and its transitions perfectly.

What touched the most was the issue with elephant poaching. Gila Green's words and their imagery tears the heart out. The words, although subtle, leave a lasting impression.

By the end of No Entry author Gila Green will convert all her readers into elephants lovers, if not wildlife conservationists. The author's narrative about elephant poaching is convincing, touching and heartbreaking. The problems that genuine conservationists face is also realistically expressed.

As an animal lover, I thoroughly enjoyed reading No Entry. There are some heartwarming scenes between Yael and a baby elephant (no, you have to read the novel to know her name) that made me envy the protagonist.

The plot is great and the treatment of the characters is perfect. The plight of the locals who live around forest reservations is also touched upon. The climax of No Entry however, could have been tighter although the climax doesn't affect the element of surprise that author Gila Green skilfully creates in the novel.

No Entry is a must read for all young adults, adults, nature lovers, animal lovers, elephants conservationists, wildlife conservationists and anyone who likes to read a novel that will transform the way you think.

...A lovely book that celebrates bravery, compassion and of course the love of the wild, especially elephants.

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