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Questions to ask yourself and your editor

Many writers don't know what to ask themselves or their editors once they have completed a first draft. Here are some common questions all writers should ask themselves and others about their work:

  1. Is my writing clear and coherent? Authors frequently seek clarity on whether their writing effectively communicates their ideas and engages readers.
  2. Does my manuscript flow well? Authors may ask editors to evaluate the overall structure and organization of their manuscript to ensure a smooth and logical flow of content.
  3. Are there any grammatical errors or typos? Authors often rely on editors to identify and correct grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies in their writing.
  4. Is my writing style consistent? Authors may inquire about the consistency of their writing style, including tone, voice, and language usage, throughout the manuscript.
  5. Do my characters feel authentic and well-developed? For fiction writers, character development is crucial. Authors may seek feedback on whether their characters are believable, relatable, and effectively developed throughout the story.
  6. Is my plot engaging and well-paced? Authors may want editors to assess the pacing and tension in their narrative to ensure that the plot maintains reader interest and momentum.
  7. Are there any areas where my writing could be strengthened? Authors often seek constructive feedback on specific aspects of their writing, such as dialogue, descriptive language, or narrative structure, to improve their craft.
  8. Does my manuscript adhere to genre conventions or industry standards? Authors may ask editors to evaluate whether their manuscript aligns with the expectations of a particular genre or meets the standards of the publishing industry.
  9. How can I improve my writing overall? Authors may request general advice and guidance on ways to enhance their writing skills, develop their voice, and grow as storytellers.
  10. What are the next steps in the publishing process? Authors often seek guidance on the publishing process, including manuscript submission, query letters, and finding literary agents or publishers.

By addressing these common questions and providing valuable feedback and guidance, editors play a vital role in helping authors refine their manuscripts and navigate the complexities of the writing and publishing journey.

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