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START DATE: Ongoing. We choose the same day each month to meet. There are options for weekly or twice-a-month meetings.

DURATION: 4 meetings with the chance to renew for additional meetings.

LOCATION: Email, Google Drive, Zoom

FEEDBACK: Instructor feedback and critique on a shared Google document and via Zoom (optional)

CONTACT: Through this website www.gilagreenwrites.com

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Are you writing a novel? Do you need a writing coach to keep you accountable and provide feedback as you go? Do you have an idea for a novel, memoir or autofiction, but you don't know how to plan or get started? Join me in an online workshop environment, where you can work with me to get a first or second draft of a novel completed. Novelists for almost any genre are welcome. (Please note: I am not an expert in children's writing. If you are writing a children's novel, I recommend you find an editor who has published children's books.) Depending on your needs, I will also help you with writing a synopsis and query letter.

Past participants ask about setting in story: WATCH  

This class has two options:

Option One:
This is for writers who have a fairly complete draft of a novel or at least have done extensive planning and will have pages for me to critique each meeting. We choose a date to meet each month on zoom and the pages have to be in 3 days before our meeting. If you don't want zoom, we choose a date each month to hand in your work on a shared Google document.

You will receive a FULL edit (content and line editing) for up to 4000 words or 15 double-spaced, 12 pt font, pages each meeting. With this track you can get up to 16,000 words critiqued.

Option Two:
This is for writers who are starting out writing a novel and need help with planning, structure, how to begin, writer's block, etc. It is perfect for someone who has an idea for a book or short story or essay collection, but does not know where or how to start. I will guide you by getting you started with the main story elements (what every story must have) and writing exercises as needed. Depending on your comfort level and pace with planning, you may also receive one or two light critiques through this track. This track also has the zoom option. You will also receive four edits on your exercises, outlines and light drafts.

Cost: $400 for both tracks for 4 meetings that includes edit of up to 4,000 words per meeting and 4 zoom meetings of one hour. If you do not want the zoom option (shared Google document only) the price is $280.

This course is open to writers living anywhere and the price excludes any PayPal fees if you choose this payment option. 

WATCH Past participants ask about flash fiction vs short story writing: Should you write flash fiction or a short story?

I enjoyed Gila's class. She taught us about Autofiction, exposed us to different authors and types of writing and provided useful feedback about our own writing assignments. It was nice to "meet" people from other countries. I liked Gila and the class so much that I am planning to enroll in Part 2 of this class. ~ Phyl

Gila Green's course was concise with strong feedback from her on weekly homework assignments. Class participation and readings were focused and writing prompts on point. Would take another course with her anytime. ~Penina 


"This autofiction class kept me writing, thinking, analyzing, and enjoying not only what autofiction is but 
also my own writing goals and future projects as well. Gila's 
presentations and the autofiction readings sparked insightful writing, 
great class discussions, and helpful feedback from classmates and the 
instructor that I'll continue to explore long after the course. I grew 
as a writer and had a lot of fun in this class. "

Melanie Faith
Nominated for three Pushcart Prizes

"Thank you for this class and for your very valuable feedback on the two drafts I sent you. Your class rekindled the fire that I felt was beginning to fizzle out in my writing." ~ Clare Hart

"Thanks for a great class! I’m so glad I signed up—turns out that I still have a brain and you made me use it. :) I appreciate your advice as well as the thought-provoking lessons you provided . . . In that short amount of time I feel more confident going forward with my writing . . . I wish you the very best, and thank you again for sharing your knowledge! "~ Andrea H.

"Gila Green’s class was my first online writing class. I was impressed with the quality of the material Gila provided and her weekly lessons were clear and easy to understand. She also provided enough flexibility in her lessons to tailor the class to the individual needs of her students. I always felt open to ask questions or linger over lessons and critiques that I felt I needed more time to comprehend and work through. I look forward to learning from her again. "~ Donna Kortes

"Gila had a very straightforward way of explaining by giving examples in our own work, and pinpointing a subject for clarity. She was very encouraging and her critiques were always thoughtful and constructive. She pushed me to dig deeper and work harder and I believe it shows in my writing. If I am ever fortunate enough to make it in this business, I will definitely name Gila as one of the reasons for my success." ~ Barbara Florenza