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With A Good Eye first batch has arrived


 My fifth novel "With A Good Eye" has arrived from Montreal. First batch! I'm not there to open the box. This story takes place in Ottawa but there is an Israeli thread as well as a thread of antisemitism. Thank you, Meryl Ain for the review.  "Gila Green's compelling new novel, With A Good Eye, is a unique Coming of Age story about the i...

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Announcing the Publication of Am Yisrael Chai: Poems, Prayers, and Essays


 I am honored to have a poem included in this collection. Please order and help raise emergency funds for so many in need.  Announcing the Publication of Am Yisrael Chai: Poems, Prayers, and Essays 94 Authors, One Heart - United in Solidarity with Israel for Kedoshei Yisrael, our fallen ones, whose blessed memories will never fade. f...

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With A Good Eye Testimonials


Before this War broke out, I was very excited about my new novel With A Good Eye.  Blurb    Luna Levi is an ordinary 19 year old with extraordinary problems. Her mother's acting career is more important to her than the stage of real life. Her father struggles with PTSD as an ex-combat soldier and is equally MIA when it comes to ...

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The Fifth Day of War


This short video was filmed on Day Two of the October 2023 War when I was asked if I felt I wanted to share anything about someone who had fallen/was murdered.  The names of the victims: Shlomi and Ayellet Molcho zichronam l'vrachah.  Day Five My sense of time is completely off. Four hours passes like ten minutes. Six hours like five...

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How can you help Israel


Several people have contacted me from outside of Israel to ask how they can help. Thank you JIMENA staff for compiling and sharing this list. I repost it here:   For those wishing to provide direct financial support to Israel: Magen David Adom – Supporting 33,000 paramedics, EMTs, first responders, and first-aid providers in Israel. NATAL...

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My favorite holiday is on the way: Happy Sukkot


Like the fragile sukkah, our stories may be temorary, but their impact can endure for generations. Embrace the impermanence of your words and let your writing be a shelter of inspiration for all who enter.  Wishing everyone who celebrates a meaningful and magical Sukkot!   

Author Interview: Deborah Kalb


Today on gilagreenwrites, I'm deilghted to host author Deborah Kalb. I'm excited to share Deborah's new novel with you as she plunges forward into the world of adult books. I hope you enjoy this thoughtful conversation that explores Deborah's  writing process and some behind-the-scenes thoughts regarding her new novel Off to Joi...

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Coming soon to gilagreenwrites


Coming soon to gilagreenwrites: November Jewish Book Carnival  

Author Interview: Erin Silver


Whenever I write, I choose subjects that I hope will make an impact. If any of my books mean something to even one young reader I feel like I'll have done my job!  Bio Erin Silver's children's books include: Just Watch Me (Krystal Kite Award nominee), What Kids Did: Stories of Kindness and Invention in the Time of COVID-19 (Hackmatack Awa...

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Crafting Compelling Characters: A Guide to Using Storyboards


For my new novel "With A Good Eye" storyboards were particularly helpful in creating my character Luna Levi and her best friend Aiden Betel. by Gila Green Characters are the heart and soul of any compelling story. They drive the narrative, engage readers, and make the fictional world come alive. To create well-rounded, relatable characters, writers...

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First blurb for With A Good Eye


 "With a Good Eye is a powerful story about family, loss, and hope seen through the eyes of one young, resourceful woman, Luna Levi, who is trying to find her way. Gila Green paints a vivid portrait of a raw, urban Canadian landscape, as she delves into the Underworld as well as the inner world of her characters. Lyrical, wise and moving." Dia...

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New "Cooking with Gila"


In my new novel With A Good Eye, there's a lot of homecooking, which I loved including in the book.  But why stop at one novel? Come visit me on Instagram at "Cooking with Gila." I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who tries one of my family's favorite recipes.  Follow me. Photos: Moroccan Fish, Holiday Meal Rice  

Cover Reveal & Pre Order Link

WithaGoodEye_separatecovers_v01 Cover Reveal: With A Good Eye

Pre Order ABOUT THE BOOK Luna Levi is an ordinary 19 year old with extraordinary problems. Her mother's acting career is more important to her than the stage of real life. Her father struggles with PTSD as an ex-combat soldier and is equally MIA when it comes to his daughter. The Levis jump from financial crisis to financial crisis until in one-spl...

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To Hire an Editor or Not to Hire an Editor


Whether you choose to work with an editor or not, the key is to prioritize the quality of your writing and the satisfaction of your readers. Ultimately, the decision to hire an editor depends on your goals, resources, and preferences. Lately, I've seen this question repeatedly on a number of writing sites: Should I hire an editor? To save time resp...

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Author Interview: Yoni Hammer-Kossoy


I don't think we're in danger of the world ending. On the other hand, the world as we know it is most definitely in critical condition. Yoni Hammer-Kossoy is a poet, translator, and educator. Winner of the 2020 Andrea Moriah Prize in Poetry, his writing appears in numerous international journals and anthologies. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, ...

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August Jewish Book Carnival

August Jewish Book Carnival August Jewish Book Carnival

I'm pleased to host the August Jewish Book Carnival, a monthly event where bloggers who blog about Jewish books can meet, read and comment on each others' posts. You can read more about the Jewish Book Carnival here. This month's Carnival spans kids books, podcasts, memoir and more, so there's something for everyone for those of you ...

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Embracing the Open Mic: Unlocking the Power of Live Author Performances


"Remember that the emotional depth of live readings cannot be duplicated on a screen" By Gila Green In a world dominated by virtual meetings and online interactions, the allure of live performances may seem like a relic of the past. However, the magic of sharing stories in person should not be shelved in the age of Zoom. Live author performances ha...

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Ten Reasons Why a Manuscript Evaluation may be just What a Writer Needs


Compared to comprehensive developmental editing or line editing, manuscript evaluations are often more affordable.  If a writer is unsure about the overall viability of their manuscript, a manuscript evaluation can save time. The scenario is common. A writer gets stuck at a certain stage of the manuscript. It could be after 5,000 words or...

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Ten Reasons You May Need a Writing Coach


Through constructive feedback, encouragement, and guidance, a writing coach helps writers recognize their strengths, embrace their unique voice, and develop confidence in their abilities. A writing coach helpswriters create a schedule, set aside dedicated writing time, and provide strategies to maintain consistency and productivity. A writing ...

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No need to apologize to your Writing Coach


Dear Women 50+, It doesn't take more than a few clicks to find publications aimed at women over 50 years of age. My first try brings me to "15 Over 50 Magazines & Publications." The next article is from the Guardian informing me about the "rise of older female writers" and proclaiming that "things are definitely looking up," presumably for thos...

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Repost from the Nosher: Yemenite Matit


A Yemenite Jewish Grandmother's Delicious Remedy For What Ails You Known as "nature's antibiotic," matit makes the best breakfast. Thank you to The Nosher for posting my story and recipe. In a beautiful coincidence, my daughter-in-law's Savta (grandmother) Shoshana was born in Yemen's capital, Sana'a, where my paternal great-grandparents were also ...

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Sixth booked signed: The Inheritance


Why should she care if people she hasn't seen for years are dead or alive? I already wrote about my new novel With A Good Eye, forthcoming in Montreal in August 2024. That was a two-book contract and I submitted the second manuscript a couple of months ago.  They took it!  About the Book In The Inheritance, Layne Fortunefield's escap...

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REPOST: My Poem "Grandmothers Who Left" was published in the lastet issue of Exiled Writers Ink Magazine


Grandmothers Who Leftby Gila GreenThe Yemenites were very religious, like all those who left.In the synagogue we sat on straw mats.Grandmothers brought spices for havdalah and for Yom Kippur afternoons, like all those who left.Grandmothers sold aromatic hilbe and schug and saluf; that gave you an appetite.Grandmothers said: "My menucha, rest, will ...

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Author Interview: Diana Bletter


It is very hard to find the right thing to say when someone is going through a difficult time. The best thing I've ever said was nothing at all. Diana Rachel Bletter is the author of the National Jewish Book Award Finalist, The Invisible Thread: A Portrait of Jewish American Women (Jewish Publication Society), A Remarkable Kindness (Harpe...

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One for Each Night: The Greatest Chanukah Stories of All Time


I am so honored to be included in this new Chanukah collection of stories forthcoming this December 2023. My short story "Roller Coaster: is featured among so many gifted writers. Thank you New Vessel Press for including me.  This rich medley of stories, poems, and other writings features evocations of Chanukah by classic and contemporary...

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Unleashing Creativity: Five Ways to Spark your Writing


Maybe you suffer from writer's block or maybe you feel your writing is flat. Perhaps, you're caught in a loop in which all of your work is starting to sound the same or just boring yourself to sleep.  Calls for writing are all over the internet. Use them. Anyone who writes over the long-term has periods of flat, dull and uninspi...

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REPOST from The Nosher: This Yemenite Jewish Porridge Is the Comfort Food of My Childhood


 Turns out my birthright wasn't entirely lost to me, it just took me longer than most to realize it.  A cherished family recipes for the most comforting hot cereal with butter and honey. I'm thrilled to have my recipe for Yemenite Harish published in The Nosher.  It's not new to combine food and recipe writing with story (f...

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Author Interview: Jennifer Lang


I wholly disagree that memoir is trashy, primitive or low-rent. It's tough. It's human. It's revelatory. When done well, it's the full-body shivers or deep-buried sigh or unbidden tears. I love interviewing authors and I particularly like hearing from my colleagues here in Israel writing in English as we share so many commonalities. I'm happy ...

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Author Interview: Jennifer Rosner


 Jennifer Rosner is the author of the novels Once We Were Home and The Yellow Bird Sings, a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award; the memoir If A Tree Falls: A Family's Quest to Hear and Be Heard, about raising her deaf daughters in a hearing, speaking world; and a children's book, The Mitten String, which is a Sydney Taylor Book Award ...

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Are Jewish words and expressions "No-Entry" signs for a general audience?


Keep the words you want in for authenticity and describe the scene for accessibility.  Ever found yourself deleting or avoiding Jewish words and expressions in your writing (whatever Jewish means to you, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino)? Often writers tell me they are worried about alienating their general audience or sounding 'too Jewish' so they avo...

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Latest Books

No Entry

No Entry

In No Entry, Canadian teenager, Yael Amar, signs on to an elephant conservation program and ends up coming face to face with violence, greed, and murder and the taste of a very real danger for all of us: elephant extinction.

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White Zion

White Zion

White Zion is a novel in stories forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press (April 2019). The novel takes readers into the worlds of 19th century Yemen, pre-State Israel, modern Israel and modern Canada...

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Passport Control

Passport Control

Miriam Gil knows little about Israel. Her father won’t talk about his life there or the brother he left behind when he came to Canada. Hurt and angry when he tells her to move out to make room for his new girlfriend, she enrolls in an Israeli university. She falls in love with Guy... 

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King of the Class

King of the Class

Eve and Manny are engaged in post-civil war Israel, but Manny has a secret: he’s falling in love with his religious roots and turning his back on moral relativism. As their wedding date approaches...

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Forthcoming Books

With a Good Eye <br>Release Date: Aug. 18, 2024

With a Good Eye
Release Date: Aug. 18, 2024

This family drama is part crime fiction and part domestic noir. With A Good Eye will make you question: can you ever save anyone but yourself and do any of us ever really leave home?

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The Inheritance  <br>Release Date: 2025

The Inheritance
Release Date: 2025

This suspense/thriller asks, if you were to walk away from your family, would you ever go back, even if you received a desperate text message?

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