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You Read it Here First


Thanks so much to Christina Hamlett for hosting me on her site. I virtually met Christina back in 2014 when I was looking for a new novel to write and decided to take her online course as a source of inspiration. The result was my novel A Prayer Apart (as yet unpublished, but working on it). I'm so happy to reconnect with her this week and to spend...

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Listen: The Drum


So excited to be featured on The Drum.

Author interview: Erica S. Perl


​I recently joined SCBWI and one of the many benefits is meeting children's writers from near and far. I was delighted to do a webinar with two amazing children's writers Erica S. Perl and Rajani LaRocca (coming soon) in February 2020 and, of course, I took this wonderful opportunity to invite both of them to be guests on gilagreenwrites. Welcome E...

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Welcome Nadia Jacobson


Nadia Jacobson is a writer, editor, and writing instructor who has been with me from the very beginning of my writing journey, so I'm more than delighted to share this interview with her today. I've been honored to occasionally take part in Writespace Jerusalem both as an instructor and as a participant and I encourage others who have the oppo...

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Meet award-winning artist and writer, Terry Kurgan


One of the perks of participating in February 2020's Vancouver Jewish Book Festival was meeting other authors from all over the world. One of the creatives I was privileged to meet (but not for long enough!) was South African award-winning writer and artist Terry Kurgan. I'm honored to welcome her to gilagreenwrites. Welcome Terry! BIO: T...

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Interview in Vancouver's Jewish Independent


Magnifying emotions Gila Green will talk about her two latest books at the Jewish Book Festival on Feb. 9. (photo from JCC Jewish Book Festival) From the first page, White Zion reads like a memoir. Through 16 short stories, we get to know Miriam and her family, from her great-grandparents to her own children, as well as the places they are from, in...

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Interview with author and editor Janice Weizman

Interview with author and editor Janice Weizman Janice Weizman

I'm delighted to have Janice Weizman on my site. Not only is she a colleague here in Israel, but a fellow Canadian and someone whose work I admire. Recently, I was honored when Janice included a review of my new novel in stories White Zion in her book review site (more on that below). A warm welcome, Janice! Bio Janice Weizman is the author of...

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My No Entry interview on Jera's Jamboree


 Jera's Jamboree is a fun online place to visit with a plethora of information put out by Shaz, the owner of Jera's Jamboree. Shaz describes her site as "a mix of posts with the focus on helping you to unwind – time out from the pressures of everyday life." There's an original combination of posts about everything from crochet to gen...

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Interview with Tessa Barrie of Lost Blogs


Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I very recently 'met' the Canadian author, Gila Green, who is based in Israel. Since then, I've got to know her a little better, as she kindly agreed to be interviewed. To date, Gila has written four novels, and her work has been shortlisted for many awards, which is no surprise. Her books focus on everyday pe...

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Check out my interview with Rick Hodges


It's always fun to be interviewed by a fellow author. Please enjoy my interview with author Rick Hodges, a Stormbird Press, colleague.  Check out my interview with Rick for details about his new release To Follow Elephants.  RH: Please tell us how you came to write No Entry.GG: I wrote four Israel-based novels. They have a lot of variatio...

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Author Interview: Rick Hodges

TFE-cover To Follow Elephants

Today, I have a special guest, Rick Hodges. Rick is a fellow Stormbird Press author, who is not only a colleague but someone with a deep respect for elephants. He's so enamored with elephants that he's written a new novel about them. (Remind you of another writer?)  Anyone who has enjoyed my young adult novel No Entry, must...

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Author interview: Dan Sofer


I'm so excited to have award-winning writer Dan Sofer on gilagreenwrites. Dan is a fellow English-speaking writer in Israel. He's published a trilogy, so I was particularly keen to interview him as I just finished my first sequel and I find the idea of part three daunting. Not only that, but he has a remarkable sense of humor that shines in his wri...

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My interview with Tony Riches


I'm delighted to be a guest on Tony Riches' writing blog: The Writing Desk. The Writing Desk "aims to create insightful, relevant content to encourage new writers and support authors with book launches, reviews, guest posts and useful links." Author Tony Riches was born in West Wales and spent part of his childhood in Kenya. Before writing historic...

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Interview with Julie Gray

Julie-Gray Julie Gray and her life partner Gidon Lev

I'm so excited to have Julie Gray on gilagreenwrites today. For a change, I've actually met Julie the old-fashioned way-- in person. It was delightful to meet up in Tel Aviv and Julie gave me a boost of energy that day which I hope to repeat. She's a tremendous resources for writers here in Israel (and abroad) and now she's working on a few ne...

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My interview with Natasha Murray

My interview with Natasha Murray Interview with Natasha Murray

Thank you so much, Natasha Murray for hosting me on your blog. It was a thoroughly enjoyable interview. Welcome Gila to my blog, please let everyone know about your writing journey. 1. What made you want to write a book? It's a wonderful idea to think there's even the possibility that I might write something another person will connect to. We all n...

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Interview with Jennifer Lang

Jennifer Lang

Jennifer Lang is one of those writers who combines writing with another passion of mine: exercise. True, I lean more to Pilates than Yoga (yogalates anyone?) but at any rate, we both have the mind/body connection up front and center and I'm so pleased to finally have her on the site. I am also, as always, keen to introduce more people to write...

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Interview with Rachel Barenbaum

Rachel Barenbaum

I'm happy to share my interview with Rachel Barenbaum with all of you. I had the privilege of attending one of her author readings while she is spending the year in Israel and it was well worth it. It was a pleasure to speak to her in person and even more fun to have her on the site. I hope to catch her again before she returns to the U.S. Rachel, ...

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Author Interview with Annette Gendler


I'm thrilled to share my interview with Annette Gendler today. I had the privilege of meeting Annette and sharing an author evening with her in Jerusalem. I had a great time and hope to see Annette back in Israel for more events.  Moreover, I had the opportunity to purchase Annette's intimate memoir: Jumping over Shadows in which the auth...

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My interview with Kathryn Schleich

My-latest-interview My latest interview

I've known Kathryn virtually for years and was thrilled when she asked to interview me for her author site. I hope you enjoy the interview.  Busy author Gila Green has written several fiction books, traveled the world, and teaches courses for WOW-Women On Writing. She grew up in Ottawa, Canada, then moved to Israel for a year where she met her...

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Interview with author Dr. Miryam Sivan

Interview with author Dr. Miryam Sivan Miryam Sivan Make it Concrete

Have you ever met someone virtually and thought, I would love to meet this person in real life?That's my experience with Miryam Sivan. It might be because she also grew up in North America with Israeli parents and growing up for me that was an extremely small club (me and my brother). In my day Israelis who left the country were looked upon differe...

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What's cooking? Author Interview: Norene Gillitz


​I am absolutely thrilled to have Norene Gilletz on my blog today. Norene's motto is "Food that's good for you should taste good!" Her first cookbook Second Helpings, Please! is a true classic. I received it for my wedding and it still has a prominent place on my kitchen shelf all these years later. It's a pleasure to interview her on the occasion ...

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Interview with Tara Lynn Masih

My Real Name is Hanna My Real Name is Hanna

 I get excited about author interviews and I never imagined when I began chatting with other authors how much I would enjoy it (shout-out to you authors, yes, I love hearing from you). This month I interview Tara Lynn Masih and it turns out we are both being published by Cervena Barva Press, something I did not know when we first connected and...

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Interview with Sharon Hart-Green

Sharon Hart-Green Author of Come Back for me

I'm always excited to share author Q&A articles with you and I'm particularly interested in letting you know more about fellow Canadian, Jewish writers. I heard about Sharon from a mutual friend from Toronto and, as often happens, she suddenly appeared on my Linked-In and we connected right away. Sharon Hart-Green is a Canadian writer and acade...

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Interview with author Yael Shahar


I'm so excited to have Yael Shahar with me on my blog. I love introducing people to new fellow authors who live in Israel. We've met in cyberspace a few times but I find an interview is really a great way to connect with a writer and her work and this work I find particularly intriguing. Please welcome Yael Shahar. Bio Yael Shahar was born in ...

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An Interview with Mark J. Mirsky


I'm thrilled to have one of the most influential editors on my work here today on my blog. I met Mark as a student at Bar Ilan University fourteen years ago and I've been lucky enough to continue to learn from him. He is a constant support.  Mark Jay Mirsky is professor of English at the City College of New York, a former director of its ...

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An Interview with Diana Bletter


 I'm always excited to share author Q&A articles with you. I'm thrilled to have another Israel-based writer joining me on my blog. I virtually met Diana after I published my first novel King of the Class and I've been following her blossoming publishing career ever since. I still hope to make it up North to meet Diana in person or to catch...

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Interview with writer Brandon Marlon


I'm always excited to share author Q&A articles with you. This time stands out because I rarely meet a Jewish writer from my hometown, Ottawa, but I found Brandon on Linked-In in 2013 when my first novel King of the Class was published and we connected quickly over shared writing interests. I'm excited about Brandon's Jewish history reference b...

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Interview with British-Israeli translator, playwright, and poet Atar Hadari


I am always excited to share author Q&As with you. This time is even more of a pleasure because I took a play-writing class with Atar Hadari 11 years ago and before that I attended some of his classes at Bar Ilan University. So, we go way back.  Moreover, Atar has generously honored me with two of his poems for two of my own novels. I'm always thrilled when Jewish writers can collaborate and together extend their own works.  We connected over our love of writing but also over some of our shared background. Atar is a tenth generation Israeli and my family, too, came to Palestine in the 1880s. I've lived in Israel for 20+ years but have not met many people who share this dual background with me. I'd love to meet more if you're out there! I'm excited about Atar's new book "Lives of the Dead: Collected poems...

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Welcome to author Renee Howard Cassese

I am so pleased to introduce my third summer guest, Renee Howard Cassese. Renee has been a participant in two of my virtual classes over the last couple of years. It is a privilege that many of my class participants continue to fill me in on their writing lives. Thanks for the update, Renee and congratulations on your move to self-publishing, which I've asked Renee to discuss in today's post. You can take a look at her self-published paperback I am my Mother's Only Poem: self-publish or not to self-publish, that was the question. Though I rejected the idea of self-publishing because I thought it would brand me as an incompetent writer and unattractive to agents and traditional publishers, over the years I gently but surely changed my mind. When it comes to novels I still believe traditional is the way to go, but I am considering looking for small presses...

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Welcome to my second guest: Author Diana Bletter

Continuing my summer series of author guest posts, this week I'm featuring Diana Bletter.We've met virtually and I'm looking forward to one day meeting in person. Thanks for visiting, Diana.What? Huh? You’re 57 and you’re only publishing your first novel now?It’s not as if I didn’t try. I’ve wanted to be a published writer ever since the poem I wrote about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination was printed in a newspaper. I was eleven. I loved seeing my name in print. I loved the way my parents showed my poem to total strangers. But most importantly—and I realize this more and more—I loved the actual writing of it. The way I could make words dance the Salsa right over the page. I loved the timing, the rhyming. I was so proud of the poem's last lines: “Can we help with the things he lived for: peace and non-violence? If we don’t, there...

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